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Monday, November 21, 2011

The words of an Elder

Separate yourself from the white man and his minions, he speaks of overpopulation and he will find a way to control it, with the weapons he has, no one who walks with him will survive,his economies are about to fall, he no longer cherishes his family, and possessions dictates his behaviour, remember what was put in your heart at birth by the Great Spirit, the laws of conduct, the respect for life, and most of all, be ready for what is to come. Do not drink, do not do drugs, keep your spirit clean, and your family safe. Look to the real Elder for wisdom, and remember where we are from, mothers. The Warrior must be ready to defend all who wish to live a life of peace. The time is near.
The words of an Elder to me 10 years ago.

Strange how her words seem to be coming true. I also remember her telling me that this law is not for one nation, but for all. "Red, Yellow, Black, and white, they will all come to us for peace".

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Native Women against feminism said...

Good one "C". I am honored to be your friend.