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Monday, November 7, 2011

The true face of radical feminism...

Beware of this video, if you do not have the stomach for it, do not watch. It is about aborted babies found in the trash. I could not even watch it all. But the realities of what we have become, de-sensitized to these realities by the media, and those who profess to have power, the feminist movement, their minions, has made this possible, the notion that life itself is meaningless, unimportant and should be thrown away into the garbage.
All of us mothers should have a tear in our eyes, because if we don't cry out, then we are as responsible. They are not the majority, we are, and the majority should never be dictated by the few.
Women, give life, we do not take it, we nurture our sons, our daughters, and life continues with us, if we deviate from this gift, given to us by the Great Spirit, then life will not continue, it will find a way to replace us.

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Anonymous said...

sadest thing I ever saw...scumbag ugly women, who cant get any, so they cause pain and death. Feminist is death.