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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The people’s justice.

The peoples justice is based on balance, if you take from me, I am allowed to demand or take the same from you. Our way of justice is not based on the amount you are worth. Theft is theft, taking a life outside of defending yourself; your family or your people is murder.
The people had tough laws to deal with crime. Homicide was one of the worst crimes. When a crime occurred, aggressor and victim’ families would confront one another to settle the matter by the customary rules of domestic law. The chief, clan mothers, elders, and all of the people were involved, in the coming decision. Blood revenge was a question of harmony, not necessarily of a vendetta. If a member from one family killed the member of another, then balance must be restored. Blood revenge was considered very sacred and was carried out under the utmost sincerity. If a member of the family a) should kill a member of the family b), the family b) would be owed one life, and the family a) would pay with a life. Usually, the eldest brother or nearest male relative of a victim was expected to be the avenger of spilled blood. As far as the aggressor is concerns, the entire clan was responsible for the crime of one of its members, and there were no exceptions. It was a system that worked well for the People, because relatives themselves would bring the fugitive to justice to avoid like punishment. The law of retaliation even applied in minor offenses, if one stole from another, the individual who committed the crime or his family owed the equal amount to the victim.
It is a short version, but you get the general idea. The respect for natural law was a way of life. It was in the character of the people, passed down to their children. Crime, as we know it today was virtually non-existent.

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