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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The melting pot is about to blow up.

Its the comments that are important here; obviously, others have the same notion.
"She is disgraceful but she has a point",
"someone should give that woman a medal for telling it as it is."
"Maybe she might have had a better education if the school classes weren't made up of 95% pupils with English as their second language".

If you listen to her, she is not calling anyone derogatory names, she is saying to many blacks and non British. I am not defending what she is saying, but as we are been grouped, by those who want to change the world overnight they will find out, that a blow up is about to happen in the western world. The catalyst will be the downfall of the economies, if, or should I say when it happens, all hell is going to break loose. One of the reason this might happen is if you are of a different race, or gay, or a minority, then you have special rights, they are called race laws, or hate laws. These laws only entice resentments towards minorities.
In the past, our generation refused to add these type of laws because we all believed we were all the same with equal laws to protect people. Now because of this grouping, we are pointing out the minorities and causing more problems.
We, natives, the real ones anyway, have a respect for the 4 sacred colors, we are part of the circle, as one, from Mother Earth, no different from one another. But when you divide and treat some differently from others, then you are saying there is a imbalance, by creating news laws to undo this imbalance, you are actually creating another imbalance to others.
The ridiculous notion that racism can be legislated is just that, ridiculous, if anything, it has made some resentful, and has nurtured a hard core racism for others. If we would just have faith in the good will of people, then we would realize that the 60's and the equals right movement never asked for special laws, just to be equals. And guess what, it worked just fine by simply saying "I have a dream".

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Anonymous said...

u got a point there, i never thought of it that way, treat someone special and the others will not be to happy, its human nature. I lived in the 1960's, we were against treating people differently, but now we are doing exactly that, makin things worse. And i agree, if the economy goes poof, especially europe will be in bad shape, we saw this in london and other british cities.