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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Teens expose corruption and bias by police against their loving father

By no means do we, on this blog try to demean all cops, personally some have tried and helped, but the problems I have experienced at the hands of others, (we have ways of getting even, or, we warned you, in previous posts, which will be exposed in my book coming out soon) does show that it is either arrogance or simple of lost of comprehension for their positions as protectors of peoples freedoms. The thing those specific wannabes should understand is that there is an evolution of intellect going on out there, the understanding that things are not going to stay the same. I did not put my life on the line for the freedom of others, just to have mine taken away.
This type of abuse of ones position seems to be going on throughout this country, those who do abuse their position make the good ones look bad, and the kids who witness this develop a dislike for all. That is why, this generation have lost all respect for cops, the good and the bad are put in the same basket, just like parents are.

Here is one of many examples.
(July 23, 2008) In this video, children disclose how they witnessed police officers illegally seize tape recorded evidence from their father which would have shown that the children's violent mother had been abusing the children and then gave the evidence to the mother for her to destroy. The police then turned around and arrested the father and took him off to jail after refusing to listen to the tape which would have shown that mom was lying to police officers and that she was the one who was abusing both the kids and the father. A hired private investigating doing surveillance on the mother observed her in an undercover police car in a romantic situation with an officer. The father believes this is how the mother paid off the officers for allowing her to destroy important evidence.
Unfortunately, bias against fathers by police is a big problem in Ontario, with many, good and loving fathers being forced out of their homes, taken from their children and then arrested and thrown in jail based on false allegations from abusive and violent mothers.

Here is a suggestion, tape all conversation, make doubles, keep a set out of the house, family or friend or lawyer. That is your defense, courts, politicians or media, someone will listen if you have them.

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