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Monday, November 21, 2011

Repost of the corruption parents endure in lanark county Ontario

A fathers heartbreak

Those responsible for the destruction of families in lanark county, have to be held accountable, putting as many teens girls on welfare and housing through the interval house in Carleton place in not a way to promote economic growth in the area. (As a city counselor once explained to me).
Using the "abuse" word if parents refuse to sign for their underage daughters (who is simply going through a teen hormone moment), to be on welfare is a crime in this country, and against the charter of rights. Anyone accused of a crime has the right to face their accusers in a court of law, it is the foundation of our criminal system.
The question I keep on asking myself, "WHO THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE?"
Why is it, the ones that caused the downfall of my little girl are all women??? Or should I say feminists? Is it because she was raised by her father, is it true that the feminists message that all men or fathers are bad, is it true what I read online that they are attacking the traditional family?
What the hell is going on?????
A prosperous nation cannot survive without strong family values, teaching respect, education, hard work, is not the place of social programs but the responsibility of parents.
The girlfriend of erin lee todd, the director of interval house in Carleton place once told me she has a public persona to protect, well erin, after what you have done, to so many, forget about your public persona, it no longer exists. Nancy green director of lanark county Ontario works, you are also responsible, I gave you enough info on what was going on, and still you promote teens to be on welfare, and against their parents.
Both of you; Resign.


The Native Canadian said...

I dont know what to think, lately I was talking to a feminist group who are disgusted by what they did to my little girl, but those who caused this mess are identified as feminists, I was told they certainly do not represent feminism if they destroy young girls lives...I believe and fought for equal rights in the 80's, equal pay for equal work, what gave me optimism is that I was explained that feminists know of this problem, using feminism by corrupt women for personal advancement. I dont know what to think anymore. Womens rights is mens rights, equal rights is universal, parental rights is paramount to a safe society.

Anonymous said...

I love that video, what a good dad.