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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Recent abortion debate in Ottawa Canada.

In a recent abortion debate in ottawa, no pro-abortionists wanted to debate pro life advocate Stephanie Gray. All pro feminists and pro abortionist where invited, but they were no shows, FEAR?
Oh they did have one who agreed to debate, some little boy named Jovan Morales of the University of Ottawa’s Atheist Community. MMM, a boy who knows what it is to give birth, that is different. lol.
Oh and here is his profile on the think atheist web site. Don't need to say more on this one.

Where are those feminists when they need them, simple, running scared.
Life is important, all life, Mom and child. It is a known fact that women who go through abortions suffer from depression and other ailments, isn't it a shame this is never explained to them when they go to a death clinic, sorry I mean an abortion clinic.

Here is more on the debate between Stephanie Gray and Jovan Morales, and I quote;
"labour is difficult emotionally and painful physically"
And how would "he" know this. Is there something my mother did not tell me.

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