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Monday, November 14, 2011

Radical feminists; the clowns with a dead and long gone message.

After what the local radical feminists of Lanark county Ontario Canada, did to me and my daughter, I decided to look into what the reality of this private members club, what they were and were they were going. I found the damages they have created to the family to be extensive. It seemed to me, from the 1980 to today, they had changed from an organisation to promote equal rights, to trying to keep they posh living at taxpayers’ expense.
They have aligned themselves with the gay movement, Both of these organisations do not believe in the traditional family, with the feminists, its husbands and fathers are all bad, but what about the mother, isn’t she the one if she chooses to stay at home while the husband provides, that will mould the sons and daughters into what their character will be? So are they telling us that mothers teach sons to keep women pregnant and barefoot and teach their daughters to be obedient to their husbands?
In addition, what about the gay movement, gay pride parades, marriages, try that in the 40s and 50s, see what would have happened, didn’t they become an equal part of society? So what is the problem of these two groups?
Well its simple, they realized by joining, they would have more lobbying power and therefore have a more powerful voting bloc. And that gives them more funding. It has become about the money. And when that happens, the raison d’ĂȘtre, equal rights falls between the cracks and they cause the dislike of their causes themselves.

Take a look at this video above, it’s about advertisement, I remember seeing these adds, I always thought them funny, they do not threaten me as a man, or father, but something that was said made sense, what if you turn the tables, change the dumb men, into dumb women, or dumb gays? Shit all hell would break loose.

I have also looked at the men’s right movement, the wrong they are doing in their messages is referring to the lack of equality is caused by women, women this, women that, don’t go out and marry a western women, so on. It is not women who are doing this, it is those clowns with an inferiority complex who are responsible, majority of women do not sign up to the feminist message anymore, the young ladies think of feminism as clowns, homely women who are mad at the world because their choices in partners, as they would call it, was nasty.

Now, let’s look at this blog from a native perspective, feminists always refer to women were kept out of the everyday decision until they got the vote, that is their big argument.

Women’s vote
America; they got the vote in 1920; the Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote.

Canada; Women were granted the right to vote pursuant to An Act to confer the Electoral Franchise upon Women passed May 25, 1918 and in effect January 1, 1919.
They had the vote earlier than this in other countries.

Native vote:
America; Many states, including, New Mexico overtly did not allow Native Americans to vote until 1962.

Canada:. By 1920, Enfranchised native people everywhere in Canada had the right to vote.
Between 1867 and 1920, in all of Canada, a mere 250 Indian persons were enfranchised.
In 1960 Prime Minister John Diefenbaker in 1960, gave non-enfranchised Aboriginals the right to vote in federal elections.

So you see, women were considered to be worthy of the vote before we were. Do you hear us nagging about it, no, this issue is closed, let us move on to the next.
For feminists on the other hand, they stay on the same issue, year after year, men, are bad, fathers are cruel, husband are abusers and sons are all born potential perverts. That is why, I say they have become the clowns of our society, they deal with the same issue year in and year out, were they should move to something else, they are stuck in the same message which no longer exist, whether, married women are slaves, women do not have equal pay, all men are born potential abusers. If they no longer have serious messages then they become the clowns, everybody laughs at what they say. Go to a college nowadays and see the ratio of boys and girls attending, there are now more girls, (I say all the power to them), which assures that the future generation will be even more equal than today. And since the young ladies of today despise feminism, it goes to show that their vile message is on the way out.

This is todays feminisist The clown with the same tricks.

And here is the next generation, there are thousands of young ladies against the feminist message. If you look it up you will see that they are insulted by the message that all women are victims and all men are bad, and they do not follow their views.
Go to 2.27 miniutes into the video and see what she thinks of feminism. She is not the only one with this opinion, look on the right side of this video on you tube, most are women, young women.


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Thats a good one, clowns. Thas exactly what they are.

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