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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mom Humiliated in Court Over Public Breastfeeding

When mom Natalie Hegedus brought her 5-month-old son with her to court to address a boating ticket she'd received, she had to wait for two hours to see the judge and needed to feed her son while she waited. But even though she used a cover, and only brought her son with her because he was too ill for daycare, the judge reprimanded her publicly, deeming her breastfeeding "inappropriate." According to the court transcript, when she pointed out that it was legal for her to breastfeed in public, he told her, "My court, my law."

Hegedus said she had "never felt so humiliated."

This is the ongoing problem with "some" in the justice system, "my court my law".
I thought the justice system was bound by the charter or the constitution. Some have forgotten this in North America.


John Prince said...

The truth of the matter is...

"There's justice for the rich and the law for the poor."

That's Canadian law!

Native Women against feminism said...

you are so right there John.