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Friday, November 18, 2011

Marine confronting police brutality on the occupy wall street mouvement.

When soldiers who fight in wars for the freedom of others start to realise cops are abusing their positions, then we know something is wrong.

We are starting to see the abuse of the population everywhere in north America, the era of protecting the people is over, the era of protecting the system has begun.

With this comes the fall of western civilisation. no one knows were they belong anymore in society, we have the tea party, the occupy wall street, next will come a new offer to do things differently. Just the way some did in 1917 and then 1933.

And in case you think this does not happen in Canada; Vancouver.

By no means should we judge all Police officers to be this disrespectful of the freedoms of people, I have met some in the local and opp force who cared, strangely enough, those who are rookies are more helpfull and understanding. To me, the hope that this will eventually fixed itself depends on them, but then, all cops were rookies at some point, so what the hell happens, when they decide to beleive they are above the laws????? Doesnt take a rocket scientist to believe that not all people are the same, if I experience a violent person, I dont judge all people to be this way??? And I have seen some shit....So what is their excuse?

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