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Friday, November 18, 2011

Interval House seeks donations for the Christmas season, unfortunatly the whole story is not told.

What is sad about this story of sarah bingham in the emc of smiths falls Ontario, is the truth about the reality of shelters is not fully explained.
You see, though some residents do need to be helped, a good portion should not be there for Xmas. I can’t speak for the adults, they are responsible for themselves. But sarah does not tell the whole story about the Xmas that some kids will endure because of the mother with the help of this specific shelter.
For instance the kids that are been used for custody purposes, invent an accusation against dad, get help from the Carleton place shelter, which will do everything to help put dad down, demonize him and take his kids away for Xmas.
Feel sadness for the kids who are not home because of abuse, and feel as sad for the kids who are there as a tool for custody. This shelter and their supporters like sarah does not care, if the story is true or not, their priority is funding.
Donate toys, but do not donate cash.
Dad will be home alone; his kids will think about him, both will have a tear down their cheeks on Xmas day.
I have seen this, the tears and the heartbreak and that is why I say enough. I will support my friend for the third year he has lost his daughter because of this shelter, and the director and its staff must resign and be replace by people who know how to tell the difference between false stories and real ones. A staff that will put kids first on Xmas, not funding.

What can citizens of a community
do to help stop abuse of children
and families by women’s
There are a number of things that you can do to
help stop abuse by women’s shelters.
•Take some time to educate yourself about
the bias against men by family courts and
government agencies such as police,
social services and women’s shelters.
•Do not provide any financial support to
programs that support only one gender
such as the United Way and the White
Ribbon Campaign.
•Do not provide donations and support to
women’s shelters until the government
also provides money to help fathers who
are being abused by their spouses.
•Do not support businesses that support
gender specific programs such as
Shoppers Drug Mart or the Body Shop.
•Support organizations that support
fairness, justice and equality between
genders. Many family advocacy
organizations promote this.
•Write a letter to both your Provincial and
Federal Member of Parliament and tell
them that you want accountability by
women’s shelters by having each shelter
provide for viewing by the public
documents relating to its hiring policies
and its procedures for dealing with abuse
•Demand that those working for the
shelters be screened for biases against
men and that those with biases be
refused to work at a shelter.

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The Native Canadian said...

Thanks Nizhoni. Chistmass would be better for dads and their kids if what you wrote would be taken more seriously.