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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Has the feminist movement gone too far in Quebec?

300 000 FEMMES BATTUES - y avez-vous cru? 300,000 women abuse, did you believe it.

In Quebec the media is starting to doubt the statistics of the feminists views that 300,000 women are abused, making 300,000 men animals, calling it toxic propaganda. When this number was denounced by both men and women, the government came out with 15,000 abuse cases calls to the police, and of those they were just reports, not full accusations or convictions, that is one hell of a reduction. As the woman in this video says, the feminist movement in the 60's was sacred, it promoted equality, but the radical feminist has gone too far, she says, the feds came up with 1 in 10 women are abused in Canada (let’s not forget that feminist controlled shelters have the number at 1 in 4) and Quebec took 300,000 from that. She also says, do we really believe that 300,000 men in Quebec are dirt and do not provide for their children, and go around beating their women? She also says, "What are we telling people, what are we telling our kids, that their fathers are all bad? We are demonizing fathers; we are telling kids that fathers are all women beaters, sexual deviants? What kind of future generation are we creating, were 500,000 kids in Quebec alone are without fathers.

At the beginning Mario Dumont, a prominent politician who now has his own television information program, and is very popular, ask in a poll "do you thing the feminist movement has gone too far? The results at the end of the show are; 80% yes and 20% no.
Soooo, if Quebecers, which are politically far to the left, think the movement has gone too far, then the movement is not long for this world, and their support can only go one way....down. Thank God.
And by the way, having been one of the people involved in the fight for equal pay in the 80', no one can accuse me of been anti woman. I have daughters just like you and I want them to be who “they” want to be, working or house wife, I am pro family and this organisation that has total control of shelters, welfare, housing, cas, some in the police forces, will destroy your family or someone you know if you fall in their sight.

Is your son a sexual deviant and a woman beater? That is what they are accusing him of, because their favourite saying is, "all men are born potential sexual predators".
Equality is here to stay, it will never leave, but to demonize baby boys at birth as potential sex perverts is criminal and anti family.


Anonymous said...

thats a good one, i live in quebec and we thing that feminism has gone to far, and ur right, we dont want our daughters to be nothing other than the best they can be. The very idea that they cant be nothing without crazy feminist is a insult.
Love this blog

Anonymous said...

shit if its gone to far in lefty quebec, then they better kiss their asses goodby.

Anonymous said...

what i like about you its not about women vs men, like most mra,women this and women that, its about mothers fathers sons and daughter, family.

Anonymous said...

Just another blah-blah about women.

Anonymous said...

Lol,, were on this blog does it ever say blah blah about women? Maybe blah blah about feminism. I have read this blog and found it inteligent and responsible, there is a difference between equal rights for all, and feminism, this blog always promote the sons and daughters, moms and dad and they do it very well, living in a world were one does not accuse the other, that family is prime. That the majority is fine and good people, feminism divides. I am a woman, and I support this blog.

The Native Canadian said...

Thank you for the support and we welcome rational comments and debates, for or against.