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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feminists, the clowns of society.

I saw this comment on a site and the answer, I couldn't resist putting it up because even if it is not funny, it is comical, were some men are so confused they have no idea what to do. Thank the Creator most women do not think or behave this way, but unfortunately, some use their womanhood to harass their male co-worker. My suggestion is; women who think this behavior has gone to far, should say "enough". Look at your son, they will do it to him someday.

It is considered sexual harassment if a woman feels uncomfortable regardless of a guy's intention. I was accused of it for being too close to them at work even though I wasn't trying to be close nor did I have sexual attraction to them. One ...said I was staring at her when the door opened and she entered. I just wanted to see who was coming into the office. Everytime I walked by her I turned my head away to not look at her and she complained that I was turning my head away to look at her at the corner of my eye.

did u ever think she did that because you "weren't" looking at her? Crazy isn't it, if u look, u risk to be called a perv, on the other hand, if u don't look at her, she might get insulted because she went through all that time to make herself beautiful, so people can look at her, but if u do, u think she might think ur a perv...welcome to their world. Here is what u do,u buy some flowers, go up to her and when everyone is looking, apologize for not looking at her.


Anonymous said...

Just a taste of what women have put up with for centuries. It is not tcorrect with either sex but get your facts right. Women are still being harassed just because men think they can get away with it. Women are still fighting for equal pay for equal work and still fighting not to be physcially attacked in their own home and fighting to be safe at night while walking home from work....etc., etc., etc. .....understand?

The Native Canadian said...

i understand this, your living in a make believe world, you seem to be living in the last century, if a woman is harassed the laws more than provide safety and majority of men would not allow it to hapen, salaries are now compatible to men, school, colleges, universities have now more girls than boys, as for attacked at home, the "majority" of women do not get attacked at home. The majority of women have loving husband and loving "sons" who will not grow up to be another potential abuser. Most women can walk at night safely, though I would not recomend they walk alone, and here is a secret my feminist friend, the majority of men, would beat the hell out of anyone they see abusing or attacking a woman. Your comment makes it sound like all women are victims, this is the point, they are not and there is a lot of men who would "die" to make sure you and your friends are "safe". I personaly suffered 2 broken ribs and a ruptured spleen at the hands of a woman, because I was in her way, when she was trying to go out and do drugs, while pregnant.I eventually raised my daughter on my own, she was headed for a bright future, I told her never to walk behind or in front of a man, but side by side, feminist worker from the local shelter told her she can be on her own, gave her welfare and housing, why? because she was raised by dad, now she is another girl on welfare instead of college. Since this is a native site, women are the givers of life to us and are treated very respecfully....you know what is disturbing, you know all this yet you still spew out propaganda, be carefull, it is starting to bounce back in your faces...tell me, were we you when I was asking for help to save my daughter from people who looked at her as a source of funding? the young are turning against you, they are strong and no longer look at themselves as permanent victims, you were good once but you lost your ways...