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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Coming to a school near you? Sex ed for 8 year olds.

Guess what your eight-year-old is learning at school these days
Even if this is in England, which now has a "conservative" government, how long till it is thought in our schools.
Didn't the Ontario government try to "impose" this last year but had to back down due to public pressure?
I guess the question is, are parent the primary caregivers for their kids?
This is not a difficult issue to understand, ever since "they" have invaded the family home with their ideals, society has gone down the tube. It is not getting better out there, it is getting worse.
In the old days, parents thought sex ed at home, there were less teen pregnancy, drug abuse, disrespect for life itself. Cops would help if things got out of hand with some teens, a few well place threats of jail overnight if they did not listen to their parents would go a long way. But now, when I was talking to a cop, she explained to me that they could not do this anymore,when she told me this, I asked, "why not", it seems they can get in trouble if they do. I still say they could if they wanted to, but it is the fear of those who control these ideals that makes them take a step back.
I have talked to some who were understanding of what social programs have done, and then some who totally supported the idea that the state knows best. The divisions in our society is everywhere, even in their ranks. And if they don't have cohesion, then we are all in trouble.
Whatever happened to 'It takes a community to raise a child".
Teaching sex ed in school to 8 year old is a bad idea in a multitude of bad ideas we have had lately. When you desensitize kids to certain subjects, they will try it out.
A child is a child, you treat them as such, with hugs and kisses, toys and ice cream, cookies and bedtime stories, they are not "little adults" as some have expressed.

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