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Sunday, November 27, 2011


The thing that is eroding the feminist power is the web, they can control the media, but cannot control the Internet,before its advent, feminists could twist statistics and falsify the realities of what the world was really like, but no more. If the mainstream media do not want to go to the wayside of history, they better start realising this and start reporting the truth.
Been anti feminist doe not mean one is a christian conservative, or some submissive person, it simply means, we women do not think all our men, our fathers, our sons are perverts, the way they have tried to picture them, and unfortunately for them, those who are turning against them are the younger generation, in this case a female atheist. Not good news for the feminist movement since they depend on these girls for future support, and if they are starting to turn on them, times up for the homely man hater who was known in the old days as a window watching spinster, or as we on this blog refer to them, the clowns of our society.

Embracing Eve
Many of you on the internet are accustomed to the two opposing camps that define the feminist landscape. Religious women tend to be in the anti-feminist camp, representing a return to tradition, morality, and sexual dichotomy. Whereas the Feminist camp typically represents modernism, a departure from religion, and the embrace of academia and sexual liberty.

However, I am a Female Atheist and I find myself at home in the anti-feminist camp. I do not embrace this stance out of ideological or moral reasons. As an ISTP (Engineer personality type) I embrace this stance because I can no longer hide or deny the the blatant and obvious truth of human nature. Logic motivates me. Facts compel me.


Submission is the natural state of woman.

Look at the success of the Twilight series. It is a story about a girl with a stalker vampire boyfriend who watches her in her sleep. He is superior to her in every way: strength, intellect, and judgement. Hell, he’s even a couple decades older than her.

Where are the Romance stories about egalitarian relationships? Where are the Romance stories about women with boyfriends who have the same intellect, income, and power in the relationship? Or further more…where are the romance stories – female authored – about Stay at Home Dads? High Earning, Power House Wives with their submissive Husbands? Perhaps there may be a couple out there that I don’t know about – but in quantity and success, they do not match the legions of stories about women hooking up with a superior man.

The truth is, Women, for the most part, are not attracted to submissive men. I would go as far to say that many women find the idea of a submissive man to be disgusting. Prove me wrong! I dare you!

In the Western World, I stand before a society that is in the state of decay. Marriage is dissolving at an expedient rate. Feminism is instilling women with dominance that they – at a deeper level – don’t really want. The White House Council on Women and Girls has recently found that the “wage gap” between men and women exists not exclusively because of sexism, but because women often choose to work less and decline promotions to jobs with more demands and more power.

Feminism is also coaxing men into a role of submission that makes them repulsive to women. Men unconnected, undomesticated by the demands of family are becoming untethered – ripped apart from the fabric that is society. Statistically, in the United States, men suffer four times the rate of suicide that women do. Many of the men who don’t kill themselves turn to a life of violence. Our prisons are about 90% male.

Thanks to Feminism, murder, rape, and crime have all increased many times over since the sixties.

I will provide factual backing for these claims in posts to come. This post exists chiefly to establish my purpose, belief, and mission in this blog.


Anonymous said...

LOL, great point, who likes a submisive male.

Anonymous said...

I have your bog on my email,and I cant wait to read ur next post.Love this site,its the explaination that they,meaning the feminists,try to say our sons are going to grow up abusers.My son is not an abuser,neither is my husband,my dad,my brother.Keep up the good work.