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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teen suicide

Foster care reduces suicide risk, study finds - Manitoba - CBC News

The cbc has always been known to support the cas and its policies....the reason there is suicide risk in teens today is because the state and its left wing social programs, schools and others tell them not to listen to their parents, that ...if they are disciplined then it is psychological abuse, that been gay is ok, that fathers are slave drivers, once this is done, they have no role model, no one to turn to, no one to trust. Teens are not little adults, they are children, back then when schools were answerable to parents, teen suicide was unheard off, now that they think they can co-parent with mothers and fathers, this is the result. Dare to criticize a teacher now a days, they will laugh at you, charge you with some crime, and tell you they can do whatever they want....that was my experience with St john catholic high school in perth ontario, with this little person of a vice principal diane strong, I explained in details and politely, I needed help, my daughter was been brainwashed by the local shelter and boom, she calls the cops, so much for been polite, people like this belong in nazi germany, "das Fuhrer say das children belong to him"....
Parents are the answer to a stable society not the state, to judge all parents as bad because of a few is only a ploy to demand more funding, 90% of us are good parents, but they talk as if we r all bad and in need of control...If we let them have their way, worse is yet to come.

Take this story for instance,‘This hurts too much,’ gay teen says in last blog before suicide". It happened in Ottawa ontario, everybody tell this poor child "its ok to be gay",but they do it without admitting to themselves and explaining to him that in the school courtyard, it is not fully accepted, that been gay is not a good thing to some, that he will be teased and picked on, so instead of been careful and accepting this reality, he goes out and behaves as if all is fine. Then reality sets in and a confused child is so distraught, that he commits suicide. I personally do not think that not facing reality and explaining the truth is advantageous to these kids, they go out into the world believing it is ok, they heard this from the very few who want to change the world according to their views and then he or she is faced with the dilemma that this is not true, so were do they turn to, parents? According to schools we are bad, we are uninformed, they know best, well.. this is the result when there is no co-operation between them and parents, confusion, and confusion leads to suicide. They are not little adults, they are children in desperate need of guidance, and a dose of truth and honesty, if someone would of gone to this child and say, "be carefull, its fine if you want to be gay, but this is what is going to hapen", then he would still be alive today.
But what do we know right, we are only the parents.....
As a traditional native, I believe we have the answers to the worlds woes, Mother Earth is a circle, the Sun is a circle, the Moon is a circle, your life is a circle, inside the circle there is the 4 sacred colors of people, red, yellow, black and white, and you control your circle, let those who make you happy inside, and let those who are acquaintances outside looking in, that way you surround yourself with love, truth and honesty, for those who love you will always tell you the truth.

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