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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Service Economic Crimes pt.1

Social services includes, shelters, welfare, housing, cas, and others.....If any report justifies what we have been saying on this blog, this one sure does. Especially the first paragraph.
I "begged" erin lee todd from the local shelter in carleton place, nancy green of the lanark county Ontario works to help prevent another person, namely my daughter, to fall into the world of alcohol and drug abuse and I got a visit from local and provincial cops "warning" me not to cause trouble. (By no means do I want to blast all cops, I got helped by some, and some were very sympathetic to what was happening). To my surprise, instead of helping parents; threats, manipulations, even a lack of acceptance of the right to freely express ones self in a democratic way was treated as non-existent.
The third paragraph refers to "funding" this is what I have been saying all along, this behaviour by the social programs of intimidation and threats was because I was threatening their "funding".
And the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraph, the fabrications and manipulation against me, with the use of someone from my past to picture me as a all around bad person is still to this day going on, never mind that the person they are using against me has a boyfriend who is allegedly on the sex registry, and has recently been incarcerated for threatening to kill a person. It is more important to quiet dissent, with whatever means necessary, than to look at what is been used to do it.

I just hope that what I went through and still am, is only locally, because if it is nationally, then this country cannot survive. Corruption is the basis for revolution and the reasons for the fall of a society.

How Social Services and CPS might manipulate you through Perception Control Management: Technique revealed
by Cess Ssec on Friday, June 24, 2011
PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY [psy-cho-anti-lip-sey]

Is a technique of perception control management, that could be used by a social service agency against an individual or group, to create a false representation of that individual or group, or create an event that does not exist, for the purpose of wrongly influencing others.

The process consists, of any number of methods or formulas already developed and borrowed from various disciplines and sub-disciplines, such as behavior science, psychological operations, psychological warfare, Platonian dialectics and nuero-linguistic programming.

Formulas and or methods are used to manage the perception of an individuals or groups image, speech, actions, reactions, or to change and control the perception of an event to influence an intended audience, for profit.

A manufactured representation, of an individual or group could be fabricated and weaponized at any time, without the knowledge of that individual or group.

The objective, is to fabricate a representation, in order to solicit an influenced response, from anyone the perpetrator wishes to target.

PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY could be used to manipulate a victim or an event, to control the outcome of an investigation or wrongly influence the judgment of a court case.


Anonymous said...

Incredible, this is exactly how cas works in ontario, they forgot why they r there and only looks after themselves now at the expense of our families....

Anonymous said...

one thing i want to say about your site, you promote equality, the importance of family values and the place of men, women, parents, and the point you have made with the information attached to it has exposed the reason for the detoriation of life. I especialy like it when you expose the feminists long term goals, its either about money or when they attack men, these men are fathers and sons, ours. When I read your words, that our daughter were always seen as victims, that really made an impact on me, i teach my children to stand on their own and these nuts tells them they are victims.
Keep up the good work.