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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Social Service Economic Crimes pt 2

How do we as families stop the crimes committed by social programs, such as shelters, welfare, housing, cas. The continuing watering down of the parents rights to raise their children, without interference by said social programs is in full swing, the reason is not for helping but for the purpose of increase funding. If you check what I have experienced in my previous post, you will see a parallel with the report posted below. I thought I was dealing with local corruption, not been totally informed on the national and international behaviour of these programs at the time. Once I investigated I found that this attitudes towards families was front row in most of the western world. Shelters, welfare, cas, using the same accusations against husbands and fathers and mothers, usually the word abuse is used because it is a strong word, after all, the main stream media while reporting real abuse, refuse to add in any report that parents in general are good and caring, forwarding the notion that all are bad and in need of control.
Shelters, welfare, housing, cas, give out a message to our children once they become teens, there is another way, other than listening to the counsel of parents. Teens now know that if they do not like house rules, they have a way out with welfare. Therefore these social programs promote teen alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy and homelessness.
The primary mandate of any program funded by governments is to keep families together, to co-operate with parents, but this has been lost in the long term, their primary reason for been and existence is now funding, and when this happened, it became corrupt and populated by cold hearts, who thrive on power and intimidation.

[SSEC] Social Service Economic Crimes (research)

The answer, is a simple instinctual reply that is based on natural law and on a subsistence that summons the inherited proclivity in most of us, to protect, propagate and advance humanity and the family to potential.
However, Child Protection Services (CAS) and or Social Services along with the pseudo-disciplines that populate those agencies, do not want us to advance our families to potential. They, are taught to reject any notion of natural law, as it pertains to the family unit.Instead, these agencies are designed to implement a philosophy of eugenics against a given population.

The Canadian and American social work profession, was and remains a major player in the practice of eugenics. This also remains true in other countries throughout the western world where, the practice is perpetually propagandized, through mainstream media and predictive programming to be the "accepted humanitarian philosophy".
Social workers, to date are repeatably commissioned by their agencies to locate "undesirables" and the objective to procure profit through questionable means on the part of an individual employed by this industry is a constant reality.
Contrary to a social service workers claim, they have "no special knowledge" to protect a child once they are removed from their family and home under the guise of protecting them. Thus, the damage sessions begin... with lasting consequences for these littlest of victims.
As reported daily on mainstream news, the abuses and crimes these children encounter once in their "new protective environment" is unthinkable to most.
Rape, verbal abuse, starvation, malnourishment, physical abuse among other assaults against these children are a common occurrence, as they are trapped in an environment where their families cannot protect them.
Yet, we are constantly fed a steady stream of propaganda from the public relations departments of social services throughout North America indicating, how essential and necessary their services are to helping protect children. No doubt a justification campaign of their worth, designed to keep the funding perpetually moving without interruption.
Falsified statistics, false affidavits, collusion among co-workers for the purpose of procuring profits through fraud, manipulation of information destined for courts and a constant practice of perjury including perpetual falsifying of court reports.
Additionally, falsifying professional titles in court is a common strategy practiced to give false impressions of credibility this being part of the perception management techniques utilized to mislead a judge.
These, are just some of the tactics utilized by social workers to procure profit through questionable means.
These, are just some of the findings we have confirmed to be taking place in almost 95% of the cases we have researched, in one capacity or another.
Former and present social service victimized parents, former and present social workers have all validated the allegations above-mentioned as a common happen-stance of the reality of a corrupt social service system.
There is no probability in expecting to successfully reform this culture or its system. Because the stoic philosophy that demands to perpetuate control over the family unit is the "principle driving force" of its existence.
Therefore, the answer is to solidify the family and community in place of social services and social workers.
In the interim, we must disallow any and all attempts by these agencies created to control populations from gaining additional influence, through lobbing or political agenda. Thus, becoming a defacto authority over the family unit.

[SSEC] Social Service Economic Crimes (research)
Social service crimes research

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