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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shelters' deceit for funding.

One thing that is common with almost all shelter directors and workers is that they are less than honest in every facet of their endeavors. Deceit is a tool they employ on a perpetual level to justify almost everything they do within their mandate. Often, they try to justify their role by creating situations that do not exist or blow out of proportion situations that do exist. The end-goal is usually the same; add that situation they created to their twisted false statistics and pick up the funding soon after.

The cost to the taxpayer, and to those who really need the help is extensive, their primary mandate has now switched from helping, to looking for more funding, and political power. When this switch came to been, then their main focus on anyone crossing their path is the sight of money. These spinsters have become so unattached to the realities of the existence of shelters that they have now become a problem. The dreams and work of Erin Pizey has been taken over by those who can only be described as abusers themselves.

One does not have to go far to expose their deceit, online stories of husbands who have had to deal with this situation are usually eerily similar; they use the same story year after year. Abuse is a word attached with funding, they found that using this word, even when not true, provides them with no criticism from anyone, therefore it is what is called a money word.

In Carleton place for instance, this shelter has been using the same story to increase their funding for decades, this story below is the exact same they are using today.
My teen daughter is lured to this shelter, by a woman who has connection with this shelter, welfare calls me to get my permission because my daughter is underage, since I said no, a story is “invented”;
Look at the similarities:
I beat her.
I broke her nose, (keep in mind no medical proof existed of this, and our own family doctor was willing to get involve)
I confined her to the basement.
Here is an example of many I found on the web:

See the parrallels?
this thing will get be best served and isn't this waste which could go to those who need the help.
What suffers here is the truth, and when the truth is manipulated the way it is, it serves no one but a bunch of sub intellectual who suffer from an inferiority complex, spinsters is the word used for these trouble makers in the old days.
The problem here is their intelligence was thrown away at some point in their lives, if they continue on this path, and there is no reason to believe it wont, the seriousness of this issue will die down, will be deemed not that important, the trouble they cause will overshadow the importance of helping women, the ones with real pain. These dumb spinsters have not realized that men and women are an integral part of the natural laws, there will never be other ways.....never. They are as important as a bump in the road of an evolving society.

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