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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Run for the hills

If I was the opposition in Ontario, I would be glad at the outcome of the election. With the economic mess we are in right now, the people in government have 2 choices, one, continue on the path they followed for the past 8 years, and eventual bankruptcy, or 2, do what we all know has to be done, massive cuts. My guess is that we do not have the politicians with the kind of courage that is needed to do this, so run for the hills. Because it is not if the economy fails, it is when.

Ontario has a little less that 40% of Canada’s population but has half of the dept the feds have. We have a 250 billion debt, with a 25 billion deficit. That is about 10 billion a year in interests.
Now think about this the next time you pay taxes, if it was not for these ridiculous numbers, taxes could go down 50 to 60%, there would be no need for the hst, job growth would go through the roof, and welfare would be nonexistent. We would have enough to care for the elderly, the disabled, and healthcare. There would be less crime, less drug abuse and less teen pregnancy, because salaries would be higher and working would basically give you a better chance at getting what you want in life.
The needed programs could be well funded, investments in research would take a leap, hiv, cancer, autism and all others would get the needed backing and cures could be found faster.
With this type of an economy, the justice system could be well funded, with less crime, more resources could be put into the wellbeing of the population instead of the protection of corrupt officials, the elderly in our large cities could actually leave their door unlocked without the fear of home invasion. Our children could play in peace at parks without the worry of predators; all those who do harm would be identified faster, and put where they belong.
But do not hold your breath, it is more politically advantageous to give or should I say buy votes with borrowed money than to do what is needed, and who will suffer, not those in power, what little will be left after a depression, they will try to keep. They will have to burry themselves in their holes, because those they bought with borrowed money, will no longer get their welfare checks and they will be on the streets, rioting.
Here is what we will say. You had your chance, move aside. There is no way we will let you do this to us a third time…
In 1929, the population was less than today; therefore, the results will be terribly different. If people riot for a Stanley cup, imagine what they will do with no more government money.


Anonymous said...

You ever get into politics, i would vote for you...lol..love this blog.

The Native Canadian said...

thanks for the compliment, we both try to use a language thats understandable, I think that is why so many people read it lately. As for politics, I intend to, just not the way you think. I would never get involve to try to change things within a system that protects the corrupt over children, it would be a lost of time, the number of these character is to high, and my life is not long enough, unless there is an economic disaster, then ....