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Sunday, October 2, 2011

One attack after another (my rant)

Because I dared to fight back when they were "destroying" my family and my daughter's future, they are now trying their best to get "revenge". I just found out they are still helping someone from my long dead past, accusing me of things I never did. How the hell do they get away with this, were is my freedom to advocate and defend my family without having to deal with twisted vendettas.
A politician told me that if i dared to fight back the attacks would continue and get worse, I never paid it no mind till now...He was right.
If they had any degree of intellect they would have figured by now i am not a "man" that bows and runs from a fight, freedom is a right given by the Creator, not some words on a piece of paper.
What is the saddest thing for me is the one causing this is native, she put a native girl with a bright future on welfare, let her drink under age. I sent all the pertaining medical information about the dangers they were putting my daughter into, what did I get in return? I get "we warned you not to do this" from those who are supposed to protect the rights of the citizen, i begged for help and one of my own people is doing this. How can we grow when we are getting it from all sides...
I defended our rights in 1990, I do not drink, nor do drugs, I thought schools on the traditions of our people, I try to be a role model for my children and I can't find peace. so be it.....bring it....and I will show you the determination of a ...Warrior.
My family, my honour, my freedom, is under persistent attack and it is the responsibility of every person with free will to make sure that this is not allowed to grow, for if it does, them may the Creator forgive us for not fighting back, because if we don't, we will cause pain for the next person, as I have said many time, if they do it to you, then they do it to others.
May the Great Spirit look after you and your loved ones.

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