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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kids not allowed halloween at school

I will make it simple, this is an imposition of a few's will on parents and kids. The way they look at things is the way it should be, majority be damn, parent's be damn, and fun for kids is not allowed. Let's make schools a place of serious behaviour and humdrum dark place to learn. Now as parents we know if it is boring and no fun exist, kids will be bored, and bored kids in schools is not a good idea.
We are now in a society were the few impose their ideals on the majority, there was a time were parents were listen too and we had first and last say in the way schools were presented to kids. But not anymore, now the state dictates the way we should compose ourselves, pay taxes and shut up.. I don't think so.

Don't believe me, take a look at this story...
In the principal's letter, Chittick reasoned that celebrating Halloween takes away from "instructional time in the classroom" and creates "safety and security" concerns as parents will be in the school helping kids get dressed up and taking photographs without permission.

And this idiot is a principal, security concerns because parents will be taking pictures without permission????? What next, the horns on the devil costumes are weapons????
I have a little point to make to this "I don't like kids to have fun" principle, we parents do not need your permission, they are our kids, not yours, you work for us, you do what we say, our kids in schools are still our kids not yours.

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Anonymous said...

what a crazy story, whats wrong with kids having fun at schools.
ur right they r our kids not theirs, wer gonna have to do something soon, these crazys will screw everything up.