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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kids for sale...c.a.s.

I have been exposing the social programs for what they are, shelters, welfare, housing, have one thing in common, access to more funding using our kids to do it. But the worse offender by all definition has to be cas, this "industry" has for years grabbed kids from good parents for one reason, funding, just like the others. There are hundreds if not thousands of online sites begging for help, from that 10's of thousands of people unnecessarily hurt by this rogue organisation. For instance, I read a story online were a family with 5 kids was abused by cas, they took 2 kids away, but left 3. Now if 2 kids are in danger, why leave 3??? Its stories like that, which makes one realize something is wrong.
What I don't understand is, politicians know this but do nothing, why? There are now more votes in helping families than supporting crooked organisations. The answer is simple, shelters, welfare, housing, cas, have the same basic workers, unions, they give millions to political parties, and these workers provide foot on the ground help, they all support each other, if one organisation fall to oversight by the ombudsman, then they know they all will fall to oversight. So when you take on one organisation, the others come to their aid with lobbying and pressure on politicians not to adopt the oversight bill...So I would suggest to those who fight the cas for instance, asking for oversight, do it for all the social programs, if they stick up for each other then they are all guilty. Funding should not be the mandate, helping to keep families together should be their primary reason for existence. This video tell the truth, they sell kids out, because the more kids go through their doors, the more funding the next year, and if it is about money then it is a sales job.


Native Women against feminism said...

Love it C, well put, take one on, take them all on.

Anonymous said...

Yes i agree 100% and you said it very well. But concerning feminist groups. Do they all believe they are victims of "males". Certainly
from a Native perspective it is
going to be seen differently. I am a white male, and i can certainly understand where they are coming from.

The Native Canadian said...

No I dont think they think they are all victims, I believe they use this argument to benefit themselves, if they claim victimhood, then who will deny it...it is a powerword. The point is, there are victims, but if they claim all women are victims all men are bad, those who are not, turn against them, and this does not help the real victim, because some will not believe...
From a native standpoint, women in our society are respected and treated as one withing the circle, they carry, give, and nurture life, therefore they hold a higher place. That is why feminism to us makes no sense.