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Friday, October 28, 2011

Feminists and Shelters false statistics

Remember this ladies, as my co-administrator always puts it, this is your sons, fathers, brothers, husbands they are accusing....If you say nothing this will continue, only you can put things right, shelters are there to help, not to falsify statistics to get funding and personal political power...
The more they do this the more they become insignificant, lying always has a backlash politically, and who will this help in the long run, what about those who will really need the help???

For the sake of arguments here is a site with statistics used by shelters....
It made me say; "oh fucking please a few times".

1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted.

Every 17 minutes, a woman is raped

This is the good one; It is estimated that one in ten adult men have been sexually assaulted, the majority of perpetrators being heterosexual men.
Lol, heterosexual men, assaulting other men??????? Am I missing something here?????

80% of sexual assault survivors were assaulted in their homes. Ya ok, and 70% of those 80% did it for custody purposes against their husbands.

Two out of three women have experienced sexual assault. That is bullshit with a capitol B. Talk to women and see for yourself if 2 out of 3 of them have been sexually assaulted.

By no means do we try to demean the crime of sexual assault, but 1 in 4 men are rapist or abusers, I don't think so, the only person the majority of men would "abuse" is if we see a woman been abused or God forbid raped, is the one doing it, not only would we "explain" it to him, in our own words, but personally we would "bitch slap" the fucker, in front of his victim, would make the victim feel better and give justice and reduce the perp to a height he deserve, the height of a worm. That is the heart of a man.
A feminized man would just stay there and call 911....lol, sorry had to put that one in, for a taste of reality. And talking of reality, just for the sake of argument, which of these men would a woman like, the feminized man, or the real one??? I think we all know the answer. And that is the hypocrisy of feminism.

Here is the feminists worse nightmare, a young lady's opinion;

Why am I against feminism?
Feminists are the most miserable women I have ever met! Its very sad!
I've seen feminism ruin families and marriages!
Divorce, abortions and single motherhood all get promoted by feminism.
Feminism makes women give up too easily on their marriages and family!
Feminists need to chill out.
Stop calling yourselves "sluts" and then turn around and expect men to respect you. Uh, hello!
I believe the feminists have emasculated our men! And this country is going to crap because of this. We need confident men for the future of our nation. That's just reality.


Anonymous said...

Feminism is not equality. Equality for men is not feminism. Hating men is feminism.

Anonymous said...

Just make sure our alimony checks keep coming in. We Feminist have a business to run! lol.

Anonymous said...

I have been called a bad feminist for been pro-life. we are selectively eliminating our own gender, in china it's 1 girl born for every 4 boys, and I'M a bad feminist???

Anonymous said...

evr seen what todays feninist look like...homely loosers who cant get a man, angry and lonely so they take it out on everyone...

Anonymous said...

im 23 years old native mother and I have a young baby, a boy, and I would like to see these man haters tell me to my face that he is going to grow up to b a abuser, id rip their eyes out. i love the way u 2 put things, i can understand what u actually talk about.

Anonymous said...

when I was reading I thought you were exagerating, so i went to the site,when I saw heterosexual men are sexually assaulting other men and other thing I knew was a lie, then I realized what you are trying to say, there is a difference between feminism and womens rights.

Anonymous said...

they r all homely, so they have to lie to get attention....the problem these dogs cause is because they want attention, the funny part is if they didnt have men to bash, they would be shoved asside by women.