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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you promote been native?

An elder once told me, "It doesn’t matter if your pure blood or 1/500th, its either you are an Indian or you’re not, but if you behave as if you are ashamed of who you are, then you defeat yourself.
Our traditions thrive on wisdom, the wisdom to understand that war is murder, that not caring for one another is a crime, and not respecting the four sacred colours in the great circle is nothing other than contempt for Mother Earth".
Some have forgotten their ways, and that is a crime, because if we would take the time to listen to one another, rather than competing for power and wealth, then life would be as it should be. To return to our identity, not only benefits us, but also would benefit the rest of the world who is in need of peace and happiness. People are behaving like children, and children do not always listen, sometimes they need…role models.
We are been grouped, you’re black, you’re yellow, you’re red, you’re white, you’re a woman, you’re a man, your special, you’re not, you’re a child, you’re a teen, you’re a parent, you’re a feminist, you’re a chauvinist, you’re a father, you’re a mother, you’re a house wife, you’re a working mother, you’re a patriarch, you’re a victim, you’re an oppressor, you’re rich, you’re poor. And with these types of groupings, we find faults in each other, and criticize what we do not agree with, and in the meantime the very few take what is not theirs, and we are so busy fighting with each other that we do not see the pain they cause. Famine, wars, pollution, greed, pain, tears, and who suffers, the innocent. So who’s fault is it, is it the few that take so much that the many suffer, or is it our fault for allowing it….


Anonymous said...

Our way is better,their way is greed, lets take back what is ours

Anonymous said...

I love this site....lol