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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutting funds to feminist groups

One of the things we try to explain on this blog is the lack of support feminist groups has amongst real women, especially native women such as myself and the women in my family, we have put videos explaining how the younger generation of women do not consider themselves feminist because of the constant attacks on what is their fathers, brothers and sons. It is hard for them to support any dehumanization of people they look up to and love.
Then we have exposed how the main stream of women, authors, journalists, so on, have never considered that they owed their stature to feminism; hard work and mutual respect gets them advancements not threats and intimidation.
Funding to shelters should never stop and we do not advocate this, but controlling the amount they get would prevent these feminist from using it as a power base and spending funds to promote a twisted and out of date political ideals which want to deny women and girls, the choice if they want to be house wives or in the workforce and spend it the way it was meant to be, as a place to help those in need.
Many have now moved away from what is now referred to feminazis, and this perfectly expresses the path these women have taken, for when one tries to impose their minority will on a majority, then freedom to choose is curtailed.
Here is another book written by Esther Vilar, even though I do not agree with all she writes she makes the same points we have tried to do, that feminism is controlled by the very few, who try to manipulate opinions against men, and families.
Excerpts from the book parallel the same words we have written; women are no ones victims,and to describe us this way is disgusting and reviled by all of us.
From, her book; the manipulated man.

"The determination with which those women portrayed us as victims of men not only seemed humiliating but also unrealistic."

"in our time women are no longer subject to the will of men. Quite the contrary. They
have been given every opportunity to win their independence and if, after all this
time, they have not liberated themselves and thrown off their shackles, we can only
arrive at one conclusion: there are no shackles to throw off."

Finally, I will say what we all know except for man hating radical femininazis who uses this situation for self promotion or access to more funding;
Families consist of two halves, a mother, and a father, we now know that one half is not recommended, and hurts children, if we respect each others place in the circle then we all have a chance at a good future.
Remember this, if you "choose" to be a house wife then you are a slave to your husband to them, is this how you see it, if not, then do not offer support, and speak out, after all they are describing our sons and daughters.


Anonymous said...

I agree totaly. these so called feminist are out of touch with reality.

Anonymous said...

we have to admit that we live in a time of greed and corruption, money and power is always better than helping....look what is hapening on wall street, one side wants more welfare, the other side wants more money, were is the difference...