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Monday, October 31, 2011

Kids not allowed halloween at school

I will make it simple, this is an imposition of a few's will on parents and kids. The way they look at things is the way it should be, majority be damn, parent's be damn, and fun for kids is not allowed. Let's make schools a place of serious behaviour and humdrum dark place to learn. Now as parents we know if it is boring and no fun exist, kids will be bored, and bored kids in schools is not a good idea.
We are now in a society were the few impose their ideals on the majority, there was a time were parents were listen too and we had first and last say in the way schools were presented to kids. But not anymore, now the state dictates the way we should compose ourselves, pay taxes and shut up.. I don't think so.

Don't believe me, take a look at this story...
In the principal's letter, Chittick reasoned that celebrating Halloween takes away from "instructional time in the classroom" and creates "safety and security" concerns as parents will be in the school helping kids get dressed up and taking photographs without permission.

And this idiot is a principal, security concerns because parents will be taking pictures without permission????? What next, the horns on the devil costumes are weapons????
I have a little point to make to this "I don't like kids to have fun" principle, we parents do not need your permission, they are our kids, not yours, you work for us, you do what we say, our kids in schools are still our kids not yours.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kids for sale...c.a.s.

I have been exposing the social programs for what they are, shelters, welfare, housing, have one thing in common, access to more funding using our kids to do it. But the worse offender by all definition has to be cas, this "industry" has for years grabbed kids from good parents for one reason, funding, just like the others. There are hundreds if not thousands of online sites begging for help, from that 10's of thousands of people unnecessarily hurt by this rogue organisation. For instance, I read a story online were a family with 5 kids was abused by cas, they took 2 kids away, but left 3. Now if 2 kids are in danger, why leave 3??? Its stories like that, which makes one realize something is wrong.
What I don't understand is, politicians know this but do nothing, why? There are now more votes in helping families than supporting crooked organisations. The answer is simple, shelters, welfare, housing, cas, have the same basic workers, unions, they give millions to political parties, and these workers provide foot on the ground help, they all support each other, if one organisation fall to oversight by the ombudsman, then they know they all will fall to oversight. So when you take on one organisation, the others come to their aid with lobbying and pressure on politicians not to adopt the oversight bill...So I would suggest to those who fight the cas for instance, asking for oversight, do it for all the social programs, if they stick up for each other then they are all guilty. Funding should not be the mandate, helping to keep families together should be their primary reason for existence. This video tell the truth, they sell kids out, because the more kids go through their doors, the more funding the next year, and if it is about money then it is a sales job.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Feminists and Shelters false statistics

Remember this ladies, as my co-administrator always puts it, this is your sons, fathers, brothers, husbands they are accusing....If you say nothing this will continue, only you can put things right, shelters are there to help, not to falsify statistics to get funding and personal political power...
The more they do this the more they become insignificant, lying always has a backlash politically, and who will this help in the long run, what about those who will really need the help???

For the sake of arguments here is a site with statistics used by shelters....
It made me say; "oh fucking please a few times".

1 in 4 women will be sexually assaulted.

Every 17 minutes, a woman is raped

This is the good one; It is estimated that one in ten adult men have been sexually assaulted, the majority of perpetrators being heterosexual men.
Lol, heterosexual men, assaulting other men??????? Am I missing something here?????

80% of sexual assault survivors were assaulted in their homes. Ya ok, and 70% of those 80% did it for custody purposes against their husbands.

Two out of three women have experienced sexual assault. That is bullshit with a capitol B. Talk to women and see for yourself if 2 out of 3 of them have been sexually assaulted.

By no means do we try to demean the crime of sexual assault, but 1 in 4 men are rapist or abusers, I don't think so, the only person the majority of men would "abuse" is if we see a woman been abused or God forbid raped, is the one doing it, not only would we "explain" it to him, in our own words, but personally we would "bitch slap" the fucker, in front of his victim, would make the victim feel better and give justice and reduce the perp to a height he deserve, the height of a worm. That is the heart of a man.
A feminized man would just stay there and call 911....lol, sorry had to put that one in, for a taste of reality. And talking of reality, just for the sake of argument, which of these men would a woman like, the feminized man, or the real one??? I think we all know the answer. And that is the hypocrisy of feminism.

Here is the feminists worse nightmare, a young lady's opinion;

Why am I against feminism?
Feminists are the most miserable women I have ever met! Its very sad!
I've seen feminism ruin families and marriages!
Divorce, abortions and single motherhood all get promoted by feminism.
Feminism makes women give up too easily on their marriages and family!
Feminists need to chill out.
Stop calling yourselves "sluts" and then turn around and expect men to respect you. Uh, hello!
I believe the feminists have emasculated our men! And this country is going to crap because of this. We need confident men for the future of our nation. That's just reality.

Former WABC Meteorologist Heidi Jones Gets Community Service For Central Park Attempted Rape Hoax « CBS New York

Former WABC Meteorologist Heidi Jones Gets Community Service For Central Park Attempted Rape Hoax « CBS New York

Wrongly Accused UND Student Will Not Return To UND

A B.C. man falsely accused and subsequently acquitted of sexual assault has been repeatedly questioned and detained at the U.S. border for being a sex offender

False rape accusations is becoming a disease on our society, it is now presumed that at least if not more than half of rape accusations against men are false. This is the legacy of feminism, if they had any king of brains or even a sense of responsibility they would condemn this type of actions, but don't hold your breath, I can guaranty that even these story's have gone into their statistic to get more funding.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shelters' deceit for funding.

One thing that is common with almost all shelter directors and workers is that they are less than honest in every facet of their endeavors. Deceit is a tool they employ on a perpetual level to justify almost everything they do within their mandate. Often, they try to justify their role by creating situations that do not exist or blow out of proportion situations that do exist. The end-goal is usually the same; add that situation they created to their twisted false statistics and pick up the funding soon after.

The cost to the taxpayer, and to those who really need the help is extensive, their primary mandate has now switched from helping, to looking for more funding, and political power. When this switch came to been, then their main focus on anyone crossing their path is the sight of money. These spinsters have become so unattached to the realities of the existence of shelters that they have now become a problem. The dreams and work of Erin Pizey has been taken over by those who can only be described as abusers themselves.

One does not have to go far to expose their deceit, online stories of husbands who have had to deal with this situation are usually eerily similar; they use the same story year after year. Abuse is a word attached with funding, they found that using this word, even when not true, provides them with no criticism from anyone, therefore it is what is called a money word.

In Carleton place for instance, this shelter has been using the same story to increase their funding for decades, this story below is the exact same they are using today.
My teen daughter is lured to this shelter, by a woman who has connection with this shelter, welfare calls me to get my permission because my daughter is underage, since I said no, a story is “invented”;
Look at the similarities:
I beat her.
I broke her nose, (keep in mind no medical proof existed of this, and our own family doctor was willing to get involve)
I confined her to the basement.
Here is an example of many I found on the web:

See the parrallels?
this thing will get be best served and isn't this waste which could go to those who need the help.
What suffers here is the truth, and when the truth is manipulated the way it is, it serves no one but a bunch of sub intellectual who suffer from an inferiority complex, spinsters is the word used for these trouble makers in the old days.
The problem here is their intelligence was thrown away at some point in their lives, if they continue on this path, and there is no reason to believe it wont, the seriousness of this issue will die down, will be deemed not that important, the trouble they cause will overshadow the importance of helping women, the ones with real pain. These dumb spinsters have not realized that men and women are an integral part of the natural laws, there will never be other ways.....never. They are as important as a bump in the road of an evolving society.

Social Service Economic Crimes pt 2

How do we as families stop the crimes committed by social programs, such as shelters, welfare, housing, cas. The continuing watering down of the parents rights to raise their children, without interference by said social programs is in full swing, the reason is not for helping but for the purpose of increase funding. If you check what I have experienced in my previous post, you will see a parallel with the report posted below. I thought I was dealing with local corruption, not been totally informed on the national and international behaviour of these programs at the time. Once I investigated I found that this attitudes towards families was front row in most of the western world. Shelters, welfare, cas, using the same accusations against husbands and fathers and mothers, usually the word abuse is used because it is a strong word, after all, the main stream media while reporting real abuse, refuse to add in any report that parents in general are good and caring, forwarding the notion that all are bad and in need of control.
Shelters, welfare, housing, cas, give out a message to our children once they become teens, there is another way, other than listening to the counsel of parents. Teens now know that if they do not like house rules, they have a way out with welfare. Therefore these social programs promote teen alcohol and drug abuse, teen pregnancy and homelessness.
The primary mandate of any program funded by governments is to keep families together, to co-operate with parents, but this has been lost in the long term, their primary reason for been and existence is now funding, and when this happened, it became corrupt and populated by cold hearts, who thrive on power and intimidation.

[SSEC] Social Service Economic Crimes (research)

The answer, is a simple instinctual reply that is based on natural law and on a subsistence that summons the inherited proclivity in most of us, to protect, propagate and advance humanity and the family to potential.
However, Child Protection Services (CAS) and or Social Services along with the pseudo-disciplines that populate those agencies, do not want us to advance our families to potential. They, are taught to reject any notion of natural law, as it pertains to the family unit.Instead, these agencies are designed to implement a philosophy of eugenics against a given population.

The Canadian and American social work profession, was and remains a major player in the practice of eugenics. This also remains true in other countries throughout the western world where, the practice is perpetually propagandized, through mainstream media and predictive programming to be the "accepted humanitarian philosophy".
Social workers, to date are repeatably commissioned by their agencies to locate "undesirables" and the objective to procure profit through questionable means on the part of an individual employed by this industry is a constant reality.
Contrary to a social service workers claim, they have "no special knowledge" to protect a child once they are removed from their family and home under the guise of protecting them. Thus, the damage sessions begin... with lasting consequences for these littlest of victims.
As reported daily on mainstream news, the abuses and crimes these children encounter once in their "new protective environment" is unthinkable to most.
Rape, verbal abuse, starvation, malnourishment, physical abuse among other assaults against these children are a common occurrence, as they are trapped in an environment where their families cannot protect them.
Yet, we are constantly fed a steady stream of propaganda from the public relations departments of social services throughout North America indicating, how essential and necessary their services are to helping protect children. No doubt a justification campaign of their worth, designed to keep the funding perpetually moving without interruption.
Falsified statistics, false affidavits, collusion among co-workers for the purpose of procuring profits through fraud, manipulation of information destined for courts and a constant practice of perjury including perpetual falsifying of court reports.
Additionally, falsifying professional titles in court is a common strategy practiced to give false impressions of credibility this being part of the perception management techniques utilized to mislead a judge.
These, are just some of the tactics utilized by social workers to procure profit through questionable means.
These, are just some of the findings we have confirmed to be taking place in almost 95% of the cases we have researched, in one capacity or another.
Former and present social service victimized parents, former and present social workers have all validated the allegations above-mentioned as a common happen-stance of the reality of a corrupt social service system.
There is no probability in expecting to successfully reform this culture or its system. Because the stoic philosophy that demands to perpetuate control over the family unit is the "principle driving force" of its existence.
Therefore, the answer is to solidify the family and community in place of social services and social workers.
In the interim, we must disallow any and all attempts by these agencies created to control populations from gaining additional influence, through lobbing or political agenda. Thus, becoming a defacto authority over the family unit.

[SSEC] Social Service Economic Crimes (research)
Social service crimes research

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The downfall of feminism

I was listening to a men's radio show tonight, interesting site. I expected to hear angry men, nasty comments, so on, but to my surprised I found the host informative, especially about some feminised colleges in the states, were they have passed a law that if a young man argues with his girlfriend then he will be expelled, politicians that try to pass pro feminist laws do not do it for them but to get the women's vote, and the stupidity of feminists not realizing that the further they go, the more they make themselves look so bad that their support is falling like a rock. So I have to agree with the host and say thank you to these little girls with a sense of permanent inferiority complex for advancing the early destruction of your organization which is full of hatred and destructive ideals.
But most importantly, I did not listen to angry men, on the contrary, they basically felt the same way I feel, and also women, that the feminist movement is not a legitimate organization but a group of self promoting witches with a desire for non existent power at the cost of families. This is what surprised me, there was as many women calling the show with support, as there was men...Women are sick and tired of the action of so few, claiming to represent them, attacking the men in their lives. A lot have now realized that the men they are attacking are the men in their families.
The other thing I realized is that I have been too polite, I am repressing my true feelings, about what a couple a crooked witches have done to my family. I am a man, I have emotions that women depend on, to protect and provide, and if need be, die to defend them. If I do not express them openly, the anger and the rage I have been put through only affects me and my health.
When erin lee todd, an indian who puts indian girls on welfare, instead of working with the native parent to make sure she heads to college, therefore promoting disrespect, teen pregnancy and drug abuse, or nancy green, an arrogant women who believes she has the power to destroy a young ladies future just to promote more funding for welfare, or josephine fuller who defends the actions of the corrupt, or even angie atkinson from the opp who manipulates the laws to defend her friend, then you know as a man, the defense of freedom of expression depends totally on us. We are the ones who were genetically engineered to be soldiers and warriors from the beginning of civilisation, this cannot be changed overnight. We are the ones who were cut with swords, pierced with lances, shot by bullets, and blows up with explosives. Reality is, freedom is not defended by women, it is defended by men, women reap the benefits and we men are glad to do it for them. We will continue to open doors, pull the chair, defend their honor, but we the majority of men will no longer allow the very few to place us beside the minority of assholes who abuse the weak. A woman understands the importance of a man, and a man understands the importance of a woman, she is not there to be barefoot, washing dishes, pregnant and submissive, we do not like that, and women do not like men, who wear pink shirts and declare themselves to be feminist.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Social Service Economic Crimes pt.1

Social services includes, shelters, welfare, housing, cas, and others.....If any report justifies what we have been saying on this blog, this one sure does. Especially the first paragraph.
I "begged" erin lee todd from the local shelter in carleton place, nancy green of the lanark county Ontario works to help prevent another person, namely my daughter, to fall into the world of alcohol and drug abuse and I got a visit from local and provincial cops "warning" me not to cause trouble. (By no means do I want to blast all cops, I got helped by some, and some were very sympathetic to what was happening). To my surprise, instead of helping parents; threats, manipulations, even a lack of acceptance of the right to freely express ones self in a democratic way was treated as non-existent.
The third paragraph refers to "funding" this is what I have been saying all along, this behaviour by the social programs of intimidation and threats was because I was threatening their "funding".
And the fourth, fifth and sixth paragraph, the fabrications and manipulation against me, with the use of someone from my past to picture me as a all around bad person is still to this day going on, never mind that the person they are using against me has a boyfriend who is allegedly on the sex registry, and has recently been incarcerated for threatening to kill a person. It is more important to quiet dissent, with whatever means necessary, than to look at what is been used to do it.

I just hope that what I went through and still am, is only locally, because if it is nationally, then this country cannot survive. Corruption is the basis for revolution and the reasons for the fall of a society.

How Social Services and CPS might manipulate you through Perception Control Management: Technique revealed
by Cess Ssec on Friday, June 24, 2011
PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY [psy-cho-anti-lip-sey]

Is a technique of perception control management, that could be used by a social service agency against an individual or group, to create a false representation of that individual or group, or create an event that does not exist, for the purpose of wrongly influencing others.

The process consists, of any number of methods or formulas already developed and borrowed from various disciplines and sub-disciplines, such as behavior science, psychological operations, psychological warfare, Platonian dialectics and nuero-linguistic programming.

Formulas and or methods are used to manage the perception of an individuals or groups image, speech, actions, reactions, or to change and control the perception of an event to influence an intended audience, for profit.

A manufactured representation, of an individual or group could be fabricated and weaponized at any time, without the knowledge of that individual or group.

The objective, is to fabricate a representation, in order to solicit an influenced response, from anyone the perpetrator wishes to target.

PSYCHO-ANTILIPSEY could be used to manipulate a victim or an event, to control the outcome of an investigation or wrongly influence the judgment of a court case.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do you promote been native?

An elder once told me, "It doesn’t matter if your pure blood or 1/500th, its either you are an Indian or you’re not, but if you behave as if you are ashamed of who you are, then you defeat yourself.
Our traditions thrive on wisdom, the wisdom to understand that war is murder, that not caring for one another is a crime, and not respecting the four sacred colours in the great circle is nothing other than contempt for Mother Earth".
Some have forgotten their ways, and that is a crime, because if we would take the time to listen to one another, rather than competing for power and wealth, then life would be as it should be. To return to our identity, not only benefits us, but also would benefit the rest of the world who is in need of peace and happiness. People are behaving like children, and children do not always listen, sometimes they need…role models.
We are been grouped, you’re black, you’re yellow, you’re red, you’re white, you’re a woman, you’re a man, your special, you’re not, you’re a child, you’re a teen, you’re a parent, you’re a feminist, you’re a chauvinist, you’re a father, you’re a mother, you’re a house wife, you’re a working mother, you’re a patriarch, you’re a victim, you’re an oppressor, you’re rich, you’re poor. And with these types of groupings, we find faults in each other, and criticize what we do not agree with, and in the meantime the very few take what is not theirs, and we are so busy fighting with each other that we do not see the pain they cause. Famine, wars, pollution, greed, pain, tears, and who suffers, the innocent. So who’s fault is it, is it the few that take so much that the many suffer, or is it our fault for allowing it….

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More twisted results of feminism

Let us start with this one; in St John ’s nfld, where cab drivers refuse to pick up women from the bar, because of fears of false accusation of improper behaviour. Here is what cab companies had to say:
"It's unfortunate but today, young single females or even two females in the car... bad news. Especially if they're intoxicated,"
“some young women are drunk and pass out on the way home. When the driver wakes them up, they can't remember where they are going. In some cases, they threaten to make false accusations against the driver to avoid paying their fare.” “You touched me or you did this or that or you made a proposition,” describing what drivers have reported being told.
Fear that they'll be the victim of a false accusation, such as assault of inappropriate touching, has left some drivers struggling with the decision to pick up a young girl and bring her home if she is alone.
"Rule of thumb used to be pick up young girls first, take them home, pick up couples seconds and last, pick up the guys and take them home. Now, it's reversed.
I do not blame these young ladies for all this, if it is put at their disposal then some will use it, I blame the feminists because they refuse to take responsibility for their message, in their opinion the more cry rape out there, even in these cases,means more numbers for their survey, therefore more funding, goes to wonder about the truth of the surveys they do put out there doesn’t it.

Then we have a story out of Boston, were if people go to a bar and a woman has had too much to drink, and even if she says yes to sex, and she is under the influence then she really meant no. Now in bars, usually are frequented by young people, and this type of laws are for a simple reason, to make as many women feel like permanent victims, namely our daughters, and make our sons as sexual predators. Never mind that they were both drinking and having fun. Now we all know the younger generation, both boys and girls of this generation will look at this as nothing other than a joke, and most importantly this type of stupidity help make the feminist movement look really backwards and irrelevant. But again, in some situation, some will use it, either for money or other reasons. And more of our sons will be called sexual pervs…

But this is what is important, as I have been saying all along, after I found out what these twisted feminist tried to do my friend, the only power left to them is in their own mind, slowly, the younger generation has moved away from them, their funding is been cut, reality has finally reached politicians and it is the women like those at the rez who helped my friend to realize he was not alone and as a man and a father he had more support than those who attacked him, and the new generation of girls who are changing things. Women always had the strength to fight, we no longer listen to the very few feminazis who believe all women are victims and all men are bad. Their attitude are actually the reason why they are loosing their power, to tag all our fathers, and sons as bad, made us realize that this type of hatred is unwanted in our lives.

There was an election here in Ontario, the step it up campaign backed by those twisted man-haters we have been talking about tried to get online backing, 294 “likes” 5 “shares”. In the meantime, women who like been women without been called permanent victims have a site themselves called Being a Stay at Home Mommy IS my job, these are the women those over at the step it up campaign call slaves of their husbands, or a patriarchy family, have a grand total of 19,734 with a 849 women sharing. I think it says it all doesn’t it. Been a stay at home mommy is not slavery, it is a CHOICE. I made sure politicians understood that mothers are sick and tired of man-haters calling our sons perverts…. and sent them this little bit of real life.
Don’t let them make our daughters feel like victims and make our sons out to be born bad. Speak out moms…

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Teen suicide

Foster care reduces suicide risk, study finds - Manitoba - CBC News

The cbc has always been known to support the cas and its policies....the reason there is suicide risk in teens today is because the state and its left wing social programs, schools and others tell them not to listen to their parents, that ...if they are disciplined then it is psychological abuse, that been gay is ok, that fathers are slave drivers, once this is done, they have no role model, no one to turn to, no one to trust. Teens are not little adults, they are children, back then when schools were answerable to parents, teen suicide was unheard off, now that they think they can co-parent with mothers and fathers, this is the result. Dare to criticize a teacher now a days, they will laugh at you, charge you with some crime, and tell you they can do whatever they want....that was my experience with St john catholic high school in perth ontario, with this little person of a vice principal diane strong, I explained in details and politely, I needed help, my daughter was been brainwashed by the local shelter and boom, she calls the cops, so much for been polite, people like this belong in nazi germany, "das Fuhrer say das children belong to him"....
Parents are the answer to a stable society not the state, to judge all parents as bad because of a few is only a ploy to demand more funding, 90% of us are good parents, but they talk as if we r all bad and in need of control...If we let them have their way, worse is yet to come.

Take this story for instance,‘This hurts too much,’ gay teen says in last blog before suicide". It happened in Ottawa ontario, everybody tell this poor child "its ok to be gay",but they do it without admitting to themselves and explaining to him that in the school courtyard, it is not fully accepted, that been gay is not a good thing to some, that he will be teased and picked on, so instead of been careful and accepting this reality, he goes out and behaves as if all is fine. Then reality sets in and a confused child is so distraught, that he commits suicide. I personally do not think that not facing reality and explaining the truth is advantageous to these kids, they go out into the world believing it is ok, they heard this from the very few who want to change the world according to their views and then he or she is faced with the dilemma that this is not true, so were do they turn to, parents? According to schools we are bad, we are uninformed, they know best, well.. this is the result when there is no co-operation between them and parents, confusion, and confusion leads to suicide. They are not little adults, they are children in desperate need of guidance, and a dose of truth and honesty, if someone would of gone to this child and say, "be carefull, its fine if you want to be gay, but this is what is going to hapen", then he would still be alive today.
But what do we know right, we are only the parents.....
As a traditional native, I believe we have the answers to the worlds woes, Mother Earth is a circle, the Sun is a circle, the Moon is a circle, your life is a circle, inside the circle there is the 4 sacred colors of people, red, yellow, black and white, and you control your circle, let those who make you happy inside, and let those who are acquaintances outside looking in, that way you surround yourself with love, truth and honesty, for those who love you will always tell you the truth.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cutting funds to feminist groups

One of the things we try to explain on this blog is the lack of support feminist groups has amongst real women, especially native women such as myself and the women in my family, we have put videos explaining how the younger generation of women do not consider themselves feminist because of the constant attacks on what is their fathers, brothers and sons. It is hard for them to support any dehumanization of people they look up to and love.
Then we have exposed how the main stream of women, authors, journalists, so on, have never considered that they owed their stature to feminism; hard work and mutual respect gets them advancements not threats and intimidation.
Funding to shelters should never stop and we do not advocate this, but controlling the amount they get would prevent these feminist from using it as a power base and spending funds to promote a twisted and out of date political ideals which want to deny women and girls, the choice if they want to be house wives or in the workforce and spend it the way it was meant to be, as a place to help those in need.
Many have now moved away from what is now referred to feminazis, and this perfectly expresses the path these women have taken, for when one tries to impose their minority will on a majority, then freedom to choose is curtailed.
Here is another book written by Esther Vilar, even though I do not agree with all she writes she makes the same points we have tried to do, that feminism is controlled by the very few, who try to manipulate opinions against men, and families.
Excerpts from the book parallel the same words we have written; women are no ones victims,and to describe us this way is disgusting and reviled by all of us.
From, her book; the manipulated man.

"The determination with which those women portrayed us as victims of men not only seemed humiliating but also unrealistic."

"in our time women are no longer subject to the will of men. Quite the contrary. They
have been given every opportunity to win their independence and if, after all this
time, they have not liberated themselves and thrown off their shackles, we can only
arrive at one conclusion: there are no shackles to throw off."

Finally, I will say what we all know except for man hating radical femininazis who uses this situation for self promotion or access to more funding;
Families consist of two halves, a mother, and a father, we now know that one half is not recommended, and hurts children, if we respect each others place in the circle then we all have a chance at a good future.
Remember this, if you "choose" to be a house wife then you are a slave to your husband to them, is this how you see it, if not, then do not offer support, and speak out, after all they are describing our sons and daughters.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Run for the hills

If I was the opposition in Ontario, I would be glad at the outcome of the election. With the economic mess we are in right now, the people in government have 2 choices, one, continue on the path they followed for the past 8 years, and eventual bankruptcy, or 2, do what we all know has to be done, massive cuts. My guess is that we do not have the politicians with the kind of courage that is needed to do this, so run for the hills. Because it is not if the economy fails, it is when.

Ontario has a little less that 40% of Canada’s population but has half of the dept the feds have. We have a 250 billion debt, with a 25 billion deficit. That is about 10 billion a year in interests.
Now think about this the next time you pay taxes, if it was not for these ridiculous numbers, taxes could go down 50 to 60%, there would be no need for the hst, job growth would go through the roof, and welfare would be nonexistent. We would have enough to care for the elderly, the disabled, and healthcare. There would be less crime, less drug abuse and less teen pregnancy, because salaries would be higher and working would basically give you a better chance at getting what you want in life.
The needed programs could be well funded, investments in research would take a leap, hiv, cancer, autism and all others would get the needed backing and cures could be found faster.
With this type of an economy, the justice system could be well funded, with less crime, more resources could be put into the wellbeing of the population instead of the protection of corrupt officials, the elderly in our large cities could actually leave their door unlocked without the fear of home invasion. Our children could play in peace at parks without the worry of predators; all those who do harm would be identified faster, and put where they belong.
But do not hold your breath, it is more politically advantageous to give or should I say buy votes with borrowed money than to do what is needed, and who will suffer, not those in power, what little will be left after a depression, they will try to keep. They will have to burry themselves in their holes, because those they bought with borrowed money, will no longer get their welfare checks and they will be on the streets, rioting.
Here is what we will say. You had your chance, move aside. There is no way we will let you do this to us a third time…
In 1929, the population was less than today; therefore, the results will be terribly different. If people riot for a Stanley cup, imagine what they will do with no more government money.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Feminazis, exposing the truth.

Usually thing always begin in Europe, when things must change it starts there, for instance the feminazi movement and their twisted message that all our husbands are abusers and they use sexual violence for control or that we as women are all victims, (i cant speak for you but I am not a victim, neither was my mother and my grandmother) keeps on been pushed, the ones that are now fighting back are not all men, the majority are women. To picture our sons we gave birth to as eventual sexual deviants is bouncing back into their faces, and well it should..here is an example on how they are fighting back, printing "stop feminazis" on the euro, they are so sick of it over there that it is not the beginning of the end of people using pain to promote their political agenda, and getting money...it is actually the end of an era. Feminazis must be brought to their knees and pushed back into the rat holes they came out of....

One of the reason i am so angry with this issue is because i have realized, and maybe you have too, that they are talking about our kids, daughters will be victims all their lives and sons will be predators. If this is what you teach your kids, all the power to you, but if you teach them like we all do, that equality is mutual....then cease to support them, get you family involved when there is a problem and let stranger be strangers, they cannot understand the full story behind family business. And remember if you go to a shelter, it is populated by feminazis, they strongly believe your sons are abusers, your husband is a sex pervert, and your father abused your mother because she stayed home and raised you,, which makes her a victim...

We, women, will not replace chauvinism with feminism...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Radical feminism

Radical feminism always try hard to promote the idea, we as women are always victims, don't know about you but i am not a victim of my sons, husband or father.
They control practically all of the social programs, shelters,welfare, housing, planned parenthood, abortion clinics, so on....

This is the way they try to picture our sons....

This is the way we see our sons and daughters.

Any support whether by word of mouth or financial, you empower them to continue...
As mothers, we dictate the path of our families, not them, we will choose the path of the next generation, not them. We mothers have had enough of this type of description of our sons just to advance their twisted agendas.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feminism; the cause; the lost of moral values.

Over the last decade or two, many women in the United States have distanced themselves from the feminist movement. It appears that a growing number of them associate feminism with anger and hostile rhetoric and have therefore concluded that they are not really feminists. This was reflected in a recent Time/CNN poll which showed that although 57 percent of the women responding felt there was a need for a strong women's movement, a full 63 percent said they didn't consider themselves feminists.
And those who have distanced themselves from the feminist movement are our daughters, the idea that all men are vicious controllers and abusers has become an old message that is not compatible with what they experience in the real world. These girls also do not agree with the perception that they are permanent victims.

One does not have to go far to see men bashing in our society, the step it up campaign during the Ontario election did not amass the needed followers to put them in the forefront of women's rights in Ontario, their facebook page did not attract enough support to be taken seriously, and their web page only bashes men.
Women's rights is parallel to equal rights, daughters and sons, especially in our schools, and their message of girls are always at risk does not capture their imagination because girls in our society can take care of themselves and also look after each other. The very few that do have problems are because of their inability to understand where they belong, and that is the problem, they are told they are victims by these feminist, and to a young person in transition to adulthood this can be very hard to understand and be an extremly destructive message. The damage they are doing causing teen suicide is the message that as a victim, that this will be the norm for the rest of their live. What we have to do is to remind them, no one is a victim, family and friends are always there for support, that they are as important as the next person, the inner strength of a person is capable of overcoming any situation, and no one is a victim unless they believe themselves to be one.
A strong family moral value is the answer to this type of message, which is nothing but destructive and has messed up our society for the past 20 years. Treat a child like a young adult and they will try to behave like adults, and if they are not ready for it, mistakes are made and usually the wrong ones, after all, adults to them do not go to their parents for help, they try to handle it themselves and that is the problem of teen suicide, nowhere to turn.
Radical feminism is as destructive to equal rights as chauvinism is, there is no difference between the two, both represent the minority of men and women, and both have no place in a future society.
Who is against radical feminism; Helen Andelin, Fascinating Womanhood, F. Carolyn Graglia, Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism, Mary A. Kassian, The Feminist Mistake, Linda Kelly, Disabusing the Definition of Domestic Abuse: How Women Batter Men and the Role of the Feminist State,Mary Pride, The Way Home: Beyond Feminism, Back to Reality,Phyllis Schlafly, The Power of the Positive Woman, Esther Vilar, The Manipulated Man, Elizabeth Fox-Genovese, Feminism is Not the Story of My Life,Gertrude Himmelfarb, The De-moralization Of Society, Christina Hoff-Sommers, The War Against Boys: How Misguided Feminism is Harming Our Young Men, Christina Hoff-Sommers, Who Stole Feminism? Kate O'Beirne, Women Who Make the World Worse, Daphne Patai, Professing Feminism: Cautionary Tales from the Strange World of Women's Studies,and of course Erin Pizzey who founded the first refuge for battered wives in 1971. This is literature describing the takeover of the women's rights movement by those who see it as a self promotion or an ideal that is destructive to our future. Notice that all these writers are... women?
Women's right is as important as men's rights, equal rights for all are not just words, they are a needed implementation for a just society, to be a role model so our kids can follow our footstep and have someone to go to, instead of trying to depend on twisted people who sees them as an addition to their political power. The dependence on family must take the forefront of any dispute, someone to go to, someone who knows the child's character and situation, not some old ideals of personal victimisation. After all, does someone who studied women's issues at some university or just happens to be a volunteer at some center know the character and behaviour of your child, and could not mistakes be made if the wrong advice is given, culminating in more problems? And maybe even suicide. Maybe this is why teen suicide is on the rise, they don't know were to go, or what to do. A hug and "talk to me" from a parent goes further than, "you will always be a victim".
One does not have to go far to see what they teach in schools, take a look at video below and make your own decision, we as family tell one thing to our kids and once in school another ideal is pushed, completely contrary to what family is. Schools are the domain of parents and moral values, not a place to promote political agendas. To teach is to teach all sides. If life is not respected, life does not respect us, without moral values, the insecurity of a young person grows, never to know what to believe, or were they belong. This is an open war on moral values of the families inter dependence on each other, the institution of the state knows best and life is not as important as the state is what we are up against.

Planned Parenthood reps tell students to ignore ‘science’ about when life begins.

Main stream media starting to look at the realities on the treatment of fathers

Another good interview exposing the lies and mistreatment of our men, our fathers, our husbands by the feminist movement....It is the beginning of the end for them and the start of a better family life based on equality, not permanent victimization and distortion of the truth. This is why shelters, pro-abortion clinics and others are loosing funding and support. We just do not believe them anymore and we never needed them. Feminism is dead. Do not support organisations such as step it up campaign and other organisation that vilify the men in your life, tell the businesses that do support them to cease or we will not shop there...
I am a native woman and I am not a permanent victim.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Exposing the Planned Parenthood industry

Undercover pro-life activist Lila Rose reveals the shocking systemic manipulation at the prominent pro-choice group.
Remember, this is what radical feminists believe, and promote, and the ones in their sights are young girls...that is in America and Canada. Any support for these people is support for an abusive group, that includes the women we have talked about at the step it up campaign, the abortion clinics and any other organization they have put their paws on...listen to the report and the eugenic beginning of the pro abortion industry, especially about the black families, undesirables, and others they deamed unworthy in America.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


All murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.

Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.

As long as people believe in absurdities they will continue to commit atrocities.

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do

Everything's fine today, that is our illusion.

Fear follows crime and is its punishment.

God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.

Injustice in the end produces independence

"Its dangerous to be right when the Government is wrong"

One attack after another (my rant)

Because I dared to fight back when they were "destroying" my family and my daughter's future, they are now trying their best to get "revenge". I just found out they are still helping someone from my long dead past, accusing me of things I never did. How the hell do they get away with this, were is my freedom to advocate and defend my family without having to deal with twisted vendettas.
A politician told me that if i dared to fight back the attacks would continue and get worse, I never paid it no mind till now...He was right.
If they had any degree of intellect they would have figured by now i am not a "man" that bows and runs from a fight, freedom is a right given by the Creator, not some words on a piece of paper.
What is the saddest thing for me is the one causing this is native, she put a native girl with a bright future on welfare, let her drink under age. I sent all the pertaining medical information about the dangers they were putting my daughter into, what did I get in return? I get "we warned you not to do this" from those who are supposed to protect the rights of the citizen, i begged for help and one of my own people is doing this. How can we grow when we are getting it from all sides...
I defended our rights in 1990, I do not drink, nor do drugs, I thought schools on the traditions of our people, I try to be a role model for my children and I can't find peace. so be it.....bring it....and I will show you the determination of a ...Warrior.
My family, my honour, my freedom, is under persistent attack and it is the responsibility of every person with free will to make sure that this is not allowed to grow, for if it does, them may the Creator forgive us for not fighting back, because if we don't, we will cause pain for the next person, as I have said many time, if they do it to you, then they do it to others.
May the Great Spirit look after you and your loved ones.