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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Recent survey

96 per cent of Canadian youths in the survey agreed that girls and boys should have the same opportunities and rights to make choices in life.
And 91 per cent agreed that equality between boys and girls is good for both sexes.
Research has shown that fathers who are involved with their children — despite some notions that women should be the primary caregivers — are less likely to be depressed, suicidal or violent.
Not good news for your man is bad, fathers are controlling, men are all rapists, men are all abusers messages, is it...
And to politicians, businesses, stop pandering to feminism, no need anymore.
We have always promoted on this blog the idea that society was coming back to sanity because of young people, that they saw themselves as equal, not the way feminist see it as men are all bad and controlling and abusers.
Fathers are an integral part of family life, it prevents drug abuse, teen pregnancy, welfare, but this idea is a danger to shelters, welfare, schools, all for now controlled by those who would destroy the traditional family, it will reduce their base, and their funding. Their time is up, it is the beginning of the end, and we will see their power greatly reduced in the coming years, and this alone will give our society, a chance at redemption.
Way to go kids.

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