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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The society we live in.

Families are the ones who will either make or break our civilisation. The primary security of any civilized society is to make sure families are free to conduct their lives without interference by those who would pride themselves on been the ruling class. A person who gets into politics that really want to make a difference does not consider themselves part of the ruling class, but a servant of the people; after all, politicians are the ones in our society that have the most bosses, the population of said country. The problems, if anyone has noticed, is not the politicians but those under them, the beaurocracy. In the long term in any democracy, we the people blame the ones we elect for the problems we suffer, true, taxes and laws are passed by the elected, and they are responsible, but the ones causing problems and intervening in our lives as if we are all bad and need to be controlled is the beaurocracy, unelected people usually under contract with unions behind them, protecting them at all cost so dues can be collected, or political agendas can be pushed on people.
I have nothing against unions, at one time, we needed them, to get kids out of industries at the turn of the last century, to prevent the abuse by wealthy industrialist on their workers, but their time has now passed. With the advent of the information age, if something like this happens, everybody knows about it and cannot be hidden; laws protect the workers, equal pay for equal work, so on. We have established a good society, we know we have the right to dispute bad decisions affecting our lives, to be informed prevents others with agendas talking for us, and when we ask an intermediary to speak for us, usually it does not end up the way we wanted.
Take social programs for instance, some will hand out money as if its free, others will have a bad day, and refuse the needy, and some will actually be there because they care. However, those who work there, sometimes see people trying to con them, so they evolve at their workplace with cynicism, eventually believing everybody is a bad person, and how does that help the next person who really need the help.
Then we have shelters, an exaggeration and implementations of personal opinions by those who work there. I have been reading in the local left wing newspapers how they always need help, well this might be true, but because of their behaviour, that half the population is born genetically bad, they have alienated that particular half away from their cause, men and the women who love these sons, husbands, fathers, with their venomous attacks on anything male. What man would support an organization that thinks they are bad? These newspapers, this week, emc, record news, always have demands for support for the local shelter, but nowhere does it say in their report on how the majority of sons and fathers and husbands are good providers, protectors, lovers, it is always, “men are all bad”. The people who work at shelters are so used to seeing the bad that they refuse to see or accept the good. Which makes them the major problem when they seek support and they are so entrenched in their views that they do not realize that the fall in support is because of their behaviour. Again, what they fail to realize or accept is that our society is composed of a majority of good and decent folks…but don’t try to tell them that. Welfare and housing fall directly into this same category. The three of these programs do not investigate whether the truth is been said, they decide if on this day, whether they will believe you. And if they do, what about the ones left behind, the accusations, what if, just if, it is not true, this gets around, false accusation of wrong doings, is an attack on a persons character, and if that person is a good one, then resentment sets in. and eventually support diminishes. The fall in support does not only come from men, let’s not forget, where there is a man, there is a woman who loves him, and vice versa.
Then we have the people who are there to protect us, otherwise known as police. With all due respect, some are good and want to help, but others have seen so much of the bad side of society that it is deep inside their character, they lost their faith in the belief that the majority only want peace and a good life. To them their opinions matter above what is written in the law books. Example, my problem with my daughter, brainwashed against her father by the local shelter, they come at our home to pick up her close. I had already talked to an opp officer and an rcmp sergeant that night. I was explained that legally I was only obliged to give one weeks clothes and some toiletry, and both were supportive that as a parent these days it was difficult to raise a teen of 15 years old and that children should not be rewarded for bad behaviour, we had an extensive chat about the way government funded organizations interfered with family life, usually for funding purposes. Nevertheless, here comes the local police to my door and say, they are here to collect all of my daughter’s clothes, I explained that it was just teen rebellion and ask if they could help in any way, to straighten her out. Right away, the threat began, we want all her clothes and we will follow her in your home, you have no choice. I told them that I had already talked to the rcmp and the opp about the issue and was not willing to give my daughter who was on her way to college to the welfare system, that this was my family and they where interfering. If they were accusing me of something then they should charge me otherwise, no abuse of any kind ever took place and no laws supported what they were trying to do…well I got in return, “the opp and the rcmp have no jurisdiction in our town, we do not care what they say”, “if you do not co-operate with us, we have ways to get even, what come around goes around”. It went on for a while and eventually they had to back off, because I was well informed, but if I was not, they would of bypassed the laws and do what they wanted. Some talk to us as if we are teenagers on a corner of a street causing mischief, I am 56 years old I have been through a lot of pain in my life, been treated like this does not help my perception of this particular person and it causes resentment. That is what I mean about, they see so many bad things, they believe and behave as if all the population is in need of control. The help I did get from the locals, was from a rookie police officer a few days later, he was not touched by the long term effect of believing society is compose of bad people…yet. But I did give my daughter “2 weeks” of clothes toiletry and money in the hopes it was just temporary….Two days later I get a call from the same cop, (what comes around goes around), telling me the rcmp are on their way to pick me up for a fine, I should put my house in order and come to the local police station. I called the rcmp, they knew nothing of this…So to this day I ask myself, “what would of happened to me if I would of showed up at the station that morning”. If the rcmp were really coming to get me then they would of come to my door, and if it was “true” then wouldn’t this cop pursued this situation when I did not show up???? To this day, I had to take multiple legal protections to make sure nothing mysterious happened to me. How bad has it become? I lived and raised my daughter for 17 years, no girlfriend, total dedication to her upbringing, while at this shelter I sent a text, saying simply, "daddy loves you and misses you", 20 minutes later, I get a visit from a local cop saying I was harrassing my own daughter...I know my daughter and this came from someone inside the shelter...and why would a cop agree to this type of behaviour towards a parent?
So you see, the way I look at things now is, it is not these programs or police forces that are bad, most are not, but it is the people inside that gives them the bad reputation and those responsible for this is the elected official. Funding the beaurocracy is fine, but there must be not only oversight, but firm action by those we vote for to make sure those who are supposed to serve us, do it within the boundaries of the laws of the land, and if they cannot handle their position then they should be released of their duties….simply throwing money at these programs and hope all works well is inviting corruption, and the fall of our civilisation. If families are to be overruled by this type of beaurocracy, were we take a step back to them, their ways come first, we will have drug abuse, teen pregnancy, street kids, rampant teen crime, street gangs…Oh wait, we already have that. Why listen to your parents, show respect for family values when they offer another way, your family is wrong, here is a welfare check, and if you want a bigger one, have more kids, then they can come on the social programs too…Increase the voting base and provide more jobs for those we never voted for.
Hopefully, you who are reading this, will never experience this, but if you fall in their sites, this is exactly what will transpire, if you let it happen to people around you, you empower them to continue and eventually, if it does come your way, who will help you?

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog...I will never support a shelter again until they can prove to me they dont pratice discrimination against the men in my family...and all men....these man haters do not represent the majority of women, we certanly do not think the way they do.....