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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feminisms undeclared war on parental rights

Parents vs. feminism
I was watching Bill O’reilly on fox the other day, he and Laura Ingram, where talking about the lack of self control on the part of children these days, saying, where are the parents, why is this happening in our society, what was it that got us in this mess….I have an opinion, the feminists have dictated their views so much, some are so afraid to mention anything against them that they are free to do whatever they want, and to apply their political agenda. Let’s not mince words here, somehow we replaced chauvinism with feminism, not that all men were chauvinists and all women are feminists. Everything that was supposed to make thing better went so bad that the ones that are caught in the middle are our children. They have become the tool in which to implement their agenda and control the rest of us. I have nothing against those who fight for the right of the individual, whether be men or women, but when some advances one over the other then you create imbalance.

We as parents are now terrorized by our kids and the system, if we say “I don’t want you to hang around with this other kid because he smokes drugs, or they drink alcohol or don’t go downtown because too many are out of control, I want you to go to school, college, I want you to work, welfare is not the answer, depend of yourself”, we are branded as oppressors. At every turn, we see someone telling us we are always wrong, or that our kids are little adults. Treat a kid like a little adult and they will think they can do what adults do. There is a difference between been an adult and a child, I say let them be children, have fun like children and stop treating them like little adults and they will respect the parent more, and have a better outlook on life, their behaviour will definitely improve. Why in God’s name would anyone want to make a child into an adult too early, We are only asking for trouble if we do, after all adults do adult things, and if they think they are adults then they will think it is normal to do it also won’t they? That is why we lost control, we let those with agendas to change society have a free reign because we are afraid of what they will do or say about us, without realizing they are the minority and we are the majority.
Their long term purpose is to divide the family, once this is achieved, then we become dependent on the organizations that counsels us how to behave, forget the fact that we built this civilisation to this point, now we are told that it was all wrong, spank your kids and you’re called a criminal. You as a parent are now terrorized by their twisted idea of the way society should be …They want to get rid of the patriarchal system in families, but wait a minute, in my society we have a matriarchal system, clan mothers, women are respected because they give life to children, boys and girls, which in turn become men and women...should we get rid of that, not in a million years, I am a strong believer in this and it works for us, and if the vice versa works for others then who are we to say it is wrong.

We as parent have these organisations looking over our shoulders; we are now co-parenting with them, do something they don’t agree with and they are on you like a vulture on rancid meat. We are always raising our children with the thought that if we don’t do it the way they want, then they might come into our homes, and either take away, or accuse…and that is been terrorised. Therefore it makes us hesitate in choosing the way to raise our kids, and when kids see that parents hesitate, that is when we lose control, some will choose the path that we have now in our major city, teens running rampant and broken hearted parents.
So Mr. O’reilly and Ms. Ingram, parent never lost control of our kids, we are been terrorised by those who are destroying what is left of our society we build since the start of civilisation. You want to make a difference, you know what is going on, but you, like so many are too afraid to point it out…..don’t tell me with all your experience in the media, you don’t know this….get some backbone….

What happened to me as a parent was not because I was bad, I know who I am and how much I love my kids, the war that was declared on me was because I did not follow their will, I did not bend to their agenda and I dared to tell them they were wrong, and they should not have put their noses where it did not belong…They continued their attacks because they were confused and lost, instead of having a man, who screams and utters threats, they found one who fought back politically and politely, it is like I said in my last post, they are so used to the idea of bad men, it is all they see, that somewhere down the line they forgot that the majority of men are good sons, good husbands and good fathers…I have always known they did this because of the man issue they have, but I never played their game, to this day it was always about parental rights…
To close, Mr. O’reilly, and Ms. Ingram, everything was good, my daughter was working, on her way to college, offered a scholarship by a modeling agency, and could have had native scholarships, an honour student, I could go on, the reason she lost control was not because of the parent, but feminists who lied and manipulated her into believing I was oppressing her…and now she is a welfare recipient…Raised by a good caring parent, future destroyed by feminism…how does this help their cause????Actually this is why their support is dropping, their incessant meddling.

Remember, if you do nothing when you hear of it, you empowered them to do it to others…and who is going to be there for you, if you fall in their sites. This society as I always said, belongs to us, parents, not them, our kids are not a tool, and if we fall, the rest will follow, we are the answer to the worlds problems, the future depends on how the parents sends their kids into it.
Read and judge, feminism, is the parents enemy, they control every social programs, c.a.s., welfare, housing, victims compensation, open doors, family services, schools.
How should parents raise their children? All men are born genetically bad to them. When I use to walk to the store, I always told my daughter, never walk behind a man, or in front, always walk side by side, you will get more respect that way, and your children and their children, it starts with you, trust yourself, need help, go to your family, and all will be well….never go to strangers, they will never know the full story and that will cause more problems….Was the wisdom I was trying to plant in her character wrong? Is this not the way we always raised our kids.
And that will be the epitaph of feminism, the damage they did to the family and it will take generations to fix the mess they did….Canada is composed of a strong majority of good parents, but don’t try to explain it to them, they will argue with you, bring up non substantiated reports, because they will see you as a threat to their power.
I am not a reporter, a public speaker, politician, nor do I wish to be, I write my opinions, the way it happened and the way I see it. I am no ones victim either, I will never sit and let destructive policies win. Those who divide parents and children by their actions are not exactly doing it for the benefit of mankind....oh no I said mankind....lol...


Anonymous said...

Someone in my family had problems with cas, and what you say is what hapened, do what we say otherwise....crying children, heartbroken parents does not matter to them only their way or the highway. Long term, kids are messed up....I am a woman and I am married, I stay at home and care for them, my husband cares for us and we care for him,,,,I am anti feminist, I dont need them to tell me what a woman is....

The Native Canadian said...

right on...It might of been a good thing a long time ago with comendable values, but like every organisation, planned parenthood and corn in the us, it always goes toward the power they can add, instead of looking and helping, which is what they were created in the first place...I am the first to fight for equality, I love the women in my family and I want them to achieve all they can be, but not take short cuts at the expense of others, it is self defeating....thatnks for the comment...