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Friday, July 29, 2011

Todays rant....after what hapened, I am allowed

Talked to a Senators office today, wants me to send details about what happened on July 26 2011, genuinely seemed appalled. I told the person about them reading my blog and she explained that I have the freedom to write anything as long as it does not entice racism, and we expect this to happen in south America, or as she said, where she comes from, Uganda.
This has become a federal issue, the charter, the constitutional rights of the individual, the right to advocate without repercussions, so on....
What really upsets me was that this simple fine that I had, which was only for the Ottawa region, was expanded recently to include all of the province of Ontario, now unless the rcmp lied to me (which they did not) on November 29 2009 explaining that I should not worry about it, since it was only in the ottawa region, the worse that could happen was that if I was stopped for some reason in that area, I would have to pay it on the spot, then we are looking at a bigger problem here.
If erin lee todd director of the interval house of carleton place and her police girlfriends, have the power to manipulate a fine, to change it to include all of ontario after 18 years, in order to get rid of someone who is simply trying to correct a wrong, to protect his child, to promote good living instead of a welfare life, to defend himself against unfounded attacks, then we are in serious trouble. Oh I have no doubt that it is all legal, but why did they do it in the first place, other than to try to get rid of me....the fine in question carried $500 or 5 months in jail....I had the money in my bank account, I was refused the right to go get it and pay the fine, thanks too my son, I was not sent "away".
I want to thank the RCMP, the best police force in the world, barr none, for simply saying, "No he does not have to go to jail, if he pays the fine he goes home"....Otherwise I would of lost my home...and this is the second time I was saved by them...
5 months from now, Parkinson worse, arthritis worse and no home....
Under no circumstances do I want to criticize the police forces of this country, I have been helped by some, locals, provincial and federal, this is the action... of a few...
Here is one of the mistake these individuals made, THEY TOOK MY DAUGHTER, they put her on welfare and housing, she wanted to come home, but felt so embarrassed, that she did not know how to say it....they knew they made a mistake, that includes nancy green of ontario works, but instead of been good civil servants, undoing, co-operate, they simply looked at the situation and said....WE CAN DO ANYTHING AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT...

you wanted this to be man against feminists, it is not....it is father, parent against you...
here is what your up against...old school train of thought, " Honor is the only thing a man can give himself and the only thing he can loose by his own action"...and a man's family is his honor...his immortality....his strenght...his passion.....his love....
We did not go away, we are still here.....men and the women we love and the women who love us.....we are brothers, sons, husbands, grandfathers to the women, they are, our daughters, wives, sisters, grandmothers....and we are tired of you....
God I am so pissed right now...sorry for the tirade...but this is Canada,
and I AM ...CANADIAN...

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taping your conversation

Taping your conversation can offer protection in any situation, many situations can occur where something was said one day and denied the next....My answer....looky here....or listen....it is still up to the courts to decide whether it will be
admissible, but writing a transcript of said conversation before hand would enforce your case. Dealing with any situation, this type of protection offers you a choice, whether to take legal action, of simply, peace of mind....it is always a good idea to make copies, give them to friends or your lawyer, since she could look them over to see if an infraction has been committed, defamation or libel...

This article considers whether it is legal to record private conversations in Canada. The discussion distinguishes between conversations that the person recording is involved in and conversations that the person recording is merely eavesdropping on.
The Criminal Code, R.S.C. 1985, c. C-46 [Criminal Code] imposes a general prohibition on interception (recording) of private communications, but then provides an exception where one of the parties to the private communication consents to the interception of that communication. Thus, broadly speaking, Canadians can legally record their own conversations with other people, but not other peoples' conversations that they are not involved in.

Other legislation in Canada protects various privacy rights, but does not prevent Canadians from recording their own conversations with others.

The basic rule is that it is illegal to intercept a private communication.
Section 184(1) of the Criminal Code sets out the general rule that it is illegal to willfully intercept a private communication:
Every one who, by means of any electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device, wilfully intercepts a private communication is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.

Conclusion regarding the one party consent exception
The foregoing indicates that, in Canada, it is legal to record your own conversations, whether they are had on the telephone or in person. However, it is illegal to record a conversation if you are not one of the intend recipients of the communications made in that conversation.

It is illegal to possess surreptitious recording devices in Canada
Although it is legal for Canadians to record conversations that they are involved in, it is illegal for them to possess surreptitious recording devices.
Section 191(1) of the Criminal Code provides as follows:
Every one who possesses, sells or purchases any electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device or any component thereof knowing that the design thereof renders it primarily useful for surreptitious interception of private communications is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.
Thus, Canadian can record their own conversations, but should do so with regular recording devices such as dictaphones, tape recorders, ipods etc.
Admission into evidence of private communications intercepted by civilians.
Various Canadian cases have admitted recordings made by civilians into evidence where it was found that the civilians were not acting as state agents at the time of the recording. See, for example: R. v. Tam (1993), 80 C.C.C. (3d) 476 (B.C.S.C.); R. v. Fegan (1993), 62 O.A.C. 146 (CA); R. v. Strano (2001) 80 C.R.R. (2d) 93 (Ont. C.J.).
Finally" The foregoing indicates that provincial privacy legislation in Canada generally does not prevent Canadians from recording their own conversations with others.

I was in a conversation with a lawyer today and I explained that when I was having problem with my daughter, (and it was never her fault but her mother, doing drugs while pregnant) that she had emotional explosions, due to her medical condition, and someone suggested that I taped these difficult times for personal protection, because neighbors might think that I was abusing her, I do believe that they did save me down the line because many police officers are terribly inexperienced in the realities of raising a child born addicted to hard drugs...the anger, the screaming, you can be the greatest parent in the world, but this will happen eventually, these children usually turn on the ones they love the most....and unless parents are well informed and even if it is heartbreaking to tape your own child's emotional tirades, it will help down the line to explain what is really happening, even prevent a unnecessary abuse charge.
In my dealings with the carleton place interval house, and the problem they caused, I tried to offer all these to them, but to no avail, that is why I do not agree with the shelters the way they are set up now, I always believed that people would, if informed, co-operate with the parent, but in this case....I was wrong...When I was told that the directors public persona was more important than the situation with my child, I was appalled, I was thinking to myself that I always communicated with diplomacy, explaining in detail the mistakes made, but a persons public persona is more important, than the safety of a child???
There was other situation that taping conversations that I was involved in, helped in protecting the truth, nobody is perfect by any means, people make mistakes, God only knows I made many, but the truth is always the better position to take, and everything at ones disposal should be used to express that honesty. Everything I say in this blog, has back up and then some, it does not offer the upper hand, never believe that, but it does offer an even hand and a better chance to protect your side of the story.
This issue is important if dealing with such organisations such as cas, welfare, law agencies, and especially shelters. (if you happen to be a father or husband).
My favorite is turning on my web cam, and sending it online, you can find many sites that record and save web cam recording for free, (your web cam program usually has such a site), (add a program called ps tray factory and it hides the web cam icon from your system tray, making it invisible)...especially if dealing with a visit from cas, one worker friend once told me that cas makes you believe they have more power than they really have, and I have read online and there are many, how cas behaved badly with parents, especially younger ones.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Canada, a beckon to the world, through the strenght of will of its people...

Read carefully this is what Canada was built on, and why I will defend this till my last breath, and why some seem to have walked away from it...I plan to bring it back...at all cost...Freedom is an individual right, promoted, nurtured, protected by the people, it is not given to the people, it is "taken" by the people...
Why do I believe this, because Canada gave it to me, raised me this way.....and now I am its protector....

I am Canadian,
A Free Canadian,
Free to speak without fear,
Free to worship in my own way,
Free to stand for what I think right,
Free to oppose what I believe wrong,
And free to choose those who shall govern my country.
This heritage of freedom I pledge to uphold for all mankind.

- John Diefenbaker (From the Canadian Bill of Rights, July 1, 1960.)

Senator Ann Cools

Violence between men and women is equal, so why are shelters and their supporters always say it is men's fault, when an organisation such as shelters, do not tell the truth, support is lost, people now have the internet, and not word of mouth, investigate and you realize that shelters have an agenda, the old left wing feminist dying view that all men are dogs, is the reason for the fall in support....as soon as they realize it, and get rid of the old guard, the better the shelter system will be, using it for helping instead of a political and funding tool.
The more i look into this the more I find that it is women who are sick of this, the more these radical left wing feminists continue saying men are bad, men are bad, men are bad, the more women will step away from them: after all, beside a woman, is her father, her brother, her son, and if she looks at them and see's nothing but good, then she realized that she has been lied to....
Senator Ann Cools has been fighting for equal rights for a long time, and I for one believe in what she says, one cannot be more equal that the other, it is imbalance...I have much respect for this person, and this is what I thought my daughter,always walk beside a person, not behind or in front, unlike what the carleton place shelter tried to do....

Real women, self respect and family.

This is why your loosing support and funding, not because of men, fathers, brothers, but because of the women who love the men in their lives, real women, who do not have daddy issues, or the permanent victim syndrome. This is another of many I have found as of late, where women now say, "It is not a crime to be a man". Left wing feminism like the ones who gave me such pain and heartaches are now the minority amongst women, and a dying political organisation,and they brought it upon themselves. I am glad to see directors of local shelters, begging for support and money in front of a drug store, because no one believes what they say anymore, the idea that women are permanent victims and men are all born violent is backfiring, and I for one after all that has been thrown at me, never for one minute even contemplated getting angry, it is political and I will...help it along to its fall. The support of women such as these and the young ladies in previous post gives me hope for a just and equal future for all of us. Families are not there to provide funding for a dying endeavour, we are NOT there to be used for political purposes, our children are not there to provide future support, we are, the future of any civilised world and when you attack one you attack us all....I did not start this but I will finish it. My grandmother, bless her heart, was a school friend with P.E.Trudeau, I remember him coming to her wedding anniversaries, every year and they would dance together and talk politics, we have strong political ties, which I never used, but now after what they have done...Here I come.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MMMMMmmm! Interesting day

Interesting day, not surprised, all that I wrote previously came to pass today....I was right...I hate been right....Got offer of a lawyer, will call her tomorrow....
My first question, why do 2 women cop, who know that some have tried to tag a man as violent, would come to arrest said man, without male backup, in the house, or outside, just in case....or were they outside waiting....somewhere?
Been male, what if I had to change pants "for example", isn't there a policy that a male cop has to be around for that reason? Which I did by the way, embarrassed because some woman I do not know is watching me....Been in my mid 50"s I found this to be....weird....but then my generation is considered to be chauvinists, you know, respect women thing...
Why is it that on November 29Th 2009, I called the RCMP, talked to 3 officers, two in Kingston and one in Ottawa and they told me the warrant for a fine was around Ottawa and Quebec only, I was told the worse that could happen to me is if I got stopped for a seat belt violation or something in that area, I would have to pay it on the spot, now this warrant is changed to make it Ontario wide, and the Ottawa courthouse, told me the fine was so old, 1993, they did not have the file anymore....No one was interested in this fine, as the officers told me, in the grand scheme of things you are not that important to us, Oh and it was $500 or 5 months, I am guessing the 5 months is what was aimed for....would of solved a lot of problems...Even when I had the locals at my door, they mentioned the fine and told me it was only in Ottawa and surrounding area.....I was not even allowed to go to the bank to get the money, to pay the fine, so.....again the 5 moths thing. With all due respect, there was 2 of them one who had one idea in mind, the other with the facial expression, I could see she cared about the issue...My guess is the one that cared was a rookie, they usually do at first, then most change with time...Can't blame them, the only thing they ever experience is cons, lies, deceit, and violence...anyone who goes through that type of situation continuously eventually it hardens their opinions.
Here is an interesting thing,: “you were told not to contact erin lee tood again”, and pooof, a warrant is issued not for the cease and desist registered “legal” letter I sent or the email (that is one email in one year) that explained the difficulties of parents who raise children born on drugs, but a 17 year old fine, that all of a sudden is changed from around ottawa, to province wide....

When we come to a situation in our society, where someone considers "her" public persona as does erin lee todd, more important than the life of a child, namely my own, and if this is rampant in those who represent the people, then we are looking at the fall of a civilization, I am a student of history, the fall of the roman empire for example, was because those in power considered themselves untouchable, out of touch with the rights of the individual, which was the basic character of Rome and the reason why it lasted so long. The mighty Rome fell to a tribe of backward barbarians called the Visigoths.
The American revolution, those in power before 1776 did not listen to the grievances of the people and simply shoved them aside, believing their position was....secure. At first, the people did not want to get rid of the king, but only to make him listen, when he did not, one of the greatest nations on earth was born to defend the right on the individual...and the mighty British empire fell to a bunch of farmers...
I always believed Canada is the greatest nation on earth, if the world were Canadians, the world would be at peace...but lately I have started to doubt this...I see a little at a time, the arrogance of those who would believe they rule us, instead of serving us. I am only trying to correct a wrong done to my family, inform those who made the mistake, politely and diplomatically, all the while believing that good people will recognize their mistake...And good people did, those around me, are sadden by what as happened, and some others caused problems, like a neighbor who came crying at my door asking to help her, her house was broken into, flowers pulled, sons threatened, telling me that housing had sent her because I was a man capable of helping, and I was proud to know, women believed I was a good man, here for the reason the Creator puts all men, to help and protect, and I did help her. But eventually down the line this same person went out into the neighborhood and spread that I abused my own child. I am still picking out the chard of the knife out of my back....

from dictionary.com; A prolonged bitter quarrel with or campaign against someone.
From dictionary of contemporary English: a situation in which one person or group tries for a long time to harm another person.

I am disillusioned about the country I love so much, buuuuut....I do believe still that this is a local incident, it points that way, and that right will always win over wrong. When those in power, use this power to intimidate, then we are in deep trouble....This is just an opinion, I hope that eventually, they will understand that all that is in life is family, and never, never, mess with families, for they are the strenght of a nation, its past, its present and its future.....

For the sake of augments, because i was told my blog is read by the opp and probably others, I do "not" believe in violence and will never follow that path, I am Canadian, I do not need to be violent, right will win, ALWAYS.
All that has happened today was written and sent, will post soon....

Friday, July 22, 2011

Legal Issue

I find it necessary to put up this blog for security reasons, so that if anything happens to me, then it will be online. All that has transpired in the past year and a half, was by definition, abuse of ones position, unethical behaviour by some in a position of power, threats, ignorance of parental rights, human rights abuses, welfare abuse, abuse of tax payers funds for political gains, I could go on and on, but I think we all get the point, including those who keep track of this blog, hoping I make a mistake and threatened someone online, which will never happen because it is against my character...yes I know you are reading this....
I have been threatened with jail if I continued to advocate for the rights of the parents to raise their children without state funded organizations interference, complaining that they let my child drink alcohol underage, not to help once they knew my child was suffering from emotional instability because of medical reasons, un-necessarily using tax payer funds to put children on welfare and housing in order to promote a political agenda, namely that we are considered bad parents first, that putting teens who do not like house rules on welfare, promotes, teen pregnancy and drug abuse.
I believe my security as a citizen was also threatened on the 24th of september 2009 when an official told me if I did not co-operate, (which I was, following the direction of the opp and the rcmp at the time), "we have ways to get even and what comes around goes around, then on the morning of november 27th 2009, I got a call from this same official telling me the rcmp were coming to get me for a fine dating back to 1993, and that I should report to the local police station that morning, after numerous calls to the rcmp, ottawa and kingston detachement and the ottawa court house, I was told that no one was considering coming to smiths fall to arrest me. After calling this official back and telling him, the rcmp knew nothing of this, he refered me to a specific name at the kngston detachement, when I did call this officer, he was on medical leave for a month and would not return for another week...
To me, I always asked myself, what was the plan, what would of hapened to me if I would of showed up without investigating if it was true or not that morning....
The people I went up against politically have strong support, and plenty of it, this is what repulsed me, I live in my beloved Canada, were the freedoms of its people are envied by all the other countries of the world and no way in heck would I "allow" this to go on unchalenged. So from a personal opinion, it looks to me, some did not accept the idea that their power could be chalenged.

I have sent a cease and desist registed letter to one of the director of said organisation today, and from what I have been through I expect some response or another. Whether more threat are ahead, we will see, but my rights and the rights of others to be free to raise our children without the co-parenting policies of these social programs must be respected, for the good of the next generation.
So to put it bluntly, if something hapens to me, then you know why.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Shelters and their self defeating policies

One of the things I noticed this week is someone on the mainstream media saying women’s right support has dropped. Personally, I do not believe this statement, if anything, there is plenty of support out there, political and with the population. I have daughters, and the worse nightmare situation for me would be to see them under the thumb of an oppressive husband. (I would not let it go on far, but that is me). I want people to be free to express their thoughts, free and safe to walk the streets, free to choose the path that makes them the most comfortable; and yes even if they wish to be housemothers. It is not for me or any organization to dictate to anyone how they should live, if we do, then all that they could be would be lost, the gift they have would be gone, and if anything this world needs gifted people.
Shelters, welfare, housing are social programs that are important in our society, give people a safe place to go if abused, help financially, and give them a home to feel safe in…That is not the problem, the problem now is those in charge of said programs, they use it for political means, instead of the means to offer a service. They have one policy, men are genetically born bad, and all women are victims, it’s all we hear from them, this is what I realized I was up against, the reason why I fought back is because this is wrong, I am not genetically born bad, and the women in my family do not consider themselves permanent victims. Nor do the women I have as friends…Some would have a bad reaction if anyone told them they are victims…They can take care of themselves better than any man I know.
The policy they now have is why support for their organizations has dropped, not the support for the safety of women but for those who consider themselves spokesperson for them. First, why would a man, support such an organization, if he is pointed out to be born violent, or why should women support these organizations if they are told they are permanent victims. These are negatives, blame half and pity the other. Who is left?
When I told them they were doing something wrong, the attacks on my character where because of the man issue, I knew this from the beginning, but to me it was not, it was a parental issue. I went up against people who treated me as if I was a bad person, without knowing who I am. How many others have they done this to? They have alienated themselves by their actions; and the very people they are supposed to help. They have also lost the support of those around me who know who I am. They loose the support of people they attack without reason, just because it is a man? What about those in this persons family, those around him who know him, some are women. “Why would they do this to you, they don’t know you, I did not know they were like that,” I have heard this many times, and this is not just me, the others they have attacked without looking to see what kind of person they are, have family and friends too, and they also have doubts.
NO, the right to be equal has not lost support, if anything it is stronger now than ever, the one who lost support are those who believe they speak for others, those in charge of the feminist movement, and what they use as a political ploy, the permanent victim syndrome. They are the cause of the doubt people now have about these organizations. The problem they cannot seem to understand is that not everyone considers themselves a permanent victim, and to some, the thought is insulting. I have Mohawk women friends, tell them they are permanent victims, and see the reaction.
I do believe we have reached an impasse in our society where the feminist movement, with its control of shelters, welfare, housing, victims help organisations, even schools, are the problem for the equal rights movement, with their “we are all victims” policy. The majority of women do “not” consider themselves victims anymore. I searched online; I was surprised to see the majority of anti-feminists are….women. The best one was from a few young ladies, defending the men in their families; “They are making it look like it’s a crime to be a man” was their message. Obviously, these young ladies did not consider themselves “permanent victims”.
Again, by their actions, shelters are losing support because the action of its staff, not because we want to go back to the old days as they would want us to believe, women no longer support the idea that their fathers, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, friends are all bad because they are men…Shelters and feminism will either have to admit this policy is not a good thing for them and change or go to the way of the dinosaurs, and stop clinging to this out of date scheme.

Be at peace and may the Creator look after you and your loved ones.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feminisms undeclared war on parental rights

Parents vs. feminism
I was watching Bill O’reilly on fox the other day, he and Laura Ingram, where talking about the lack of self control on the part of children these days, saying, where are the parents, why is this happening in our society, what was it that got us in this mess….I have an opinion, the feminists have dictated their views so much, some are so afraid to mention anything against them that they are free to do whatever they want, and to apply their political agenda. Let’s not mince words here, somehow we replaced chauvinism with feminism, not that all men were chauvinists and all women are feminists. Everything that was supposed to make thing better went so bad that the ones that are caught in the middle are our children. They have become the tool in which to implement their agenda and control the rest of us. I have nothing against those who fight for the right of the individual, whether be men or women, but when some advances one over the other then you create imbalance.

We as parents are now terrorized by our kids and the system, if we say “I don’t want you to hang around with this other kid because he smokes drugs, or they drink alcohol or don’t go downtown because too many are out of control, I want you to go to school, college, I want you to work, welfare is not the answer, depend of yourself”, we are branded as oppressors. At every turn, we see someone telling us we are always wrong, or that our kids are little adults. Treat a kid like a little adult and they will think they can do what adults do. There is a difference between been an adult and a child, I say let them be children, have fun like children and stop treating them like little adults and they will respect the parent more, and have a better outlook on life, their behaviour will definitely improve. Why in God’s name would anyone want to make a child into an adult too early, We are only asking for trouble if we do, after all adults do adult things, and if they think they are adults then they will think it is normal to do it also won’t they? That is why we lost control, we let those with agendas to change society have a free reign because we are afraid of what they will do or say about us, without realizing they are the minority and we are the majority.
Their long term purpose is to divide the family, once this is achieved, then we become dependent on the organizations that counsels us how to behave, forget the fact that we built this civilisation to this point, now we are told that it was all wrong, spank your kids and you’re called a criminal. You as a parent are now terrorized by their twisted idea of the way society should be …They want to get rid of the patriarchal system in families, but wait a minute, in my society we have a matriarchal system, clan mothers, women are respected because they give life to children, boys and girls, which in turn become men and women...should we get rid of that, not in a million years, I am a strong believer in this and it works for us, and if the vice versa works for others then who are we to say it is wrong.

We as parent have these organisations looking over our shoulders; we are now co-parenting with them, do something they don’t agree with and they are on you like a vulture on rancid meat. We are always raising our children with the thought that if we don’t do it the way they want, then they might come into our homes, and either take away, or accuse…and that is been terrorised. Therefore it makes us hesitate in choosing the way to raise our kids, and when kids see that parents hesitate, that is when we lose control, some will choose the path that we have now in our major city, teens running rampant and broken hearted parents.
So Mr. O’reilly and Ms. Ingram, parent never lost control of our kids, we are been terrorised by those who are destroying what is left of our society we build since the start of civilisation. You want to make a difference, you know what is going on, but you, like so many are too afraid to point it out…..don’t tell me with all your experience in the media, you don’t know this….get some backbone….

What happened to me as a parent was not because I was bad, I know who I am and how much I love my kids, the war that was declared on me was because I did not follow their will, I did not bend to their agenda and I dared to tell them they were wrong, and they should not have put their noses where it did not belong…They continued their attacks because they were confused and lost, instead of having a man, who screams and utters threats, they found one who fought back politically and politely, it is like I said in my last post, they are so used to the idea of bad men, it is all they see, that somewhere down the line they forgot that the majority of men are good sons, good husbands and good fathers…I have always known they did this because of the man issue they have, but I never played their game, to this day it was always about parental rights…
To close, Mr. O’reilly, and Ms. Ingram, everything was good, my daughter was working, on her way to college, offered a scholarship by a modeling agency, and could have had native scholarships, an honour student, I could go on, the reason she lost control was not because of the parent, but feminists who lied and manipulated her into believing I was oppressing her…and now she is a welfare recipient…Raised by a good caring parent, future destroyed by feminism…how does this help their cause????Actually this is why their support is dropping, their incessant meddling.

Remember, if you do nothing when you hear of it, you empowered them to do it to others…and who is going to be there for you, if you fall in their sites. This society as I always said, belongs to us, parents, not them, our kids are not a tool, and if we fall, the rest will follow, we are the answer to the worlds problems, the future depends on how the parents sends their kids into it.
Read and judge, feminism, is the parents enemy, they control every social programs, c.a.s., welfare, housing, victims compensation, open doors, family services, schools.
How should parents raise their children? All men are born genetically bad to them. When I use to walk to the store, I always told my daughter, never walk behind a man, or in front, always walk side by side, you will get more respect that way, and your children and their children, it starts with you, trust yourself, need help, go to your family, and all will be well….never go to strangers, they will never know the full story and that will cause more problems….Was the wisdom I was trying to plant in her character wrong? Is this not the way we always raised our kids.
And that will be the epitaph of feminism, the damage they did to the family and it will take generations to fix the mess they did….Canada is composed of a strong majority of good parents, but don’t try to explain it to them, they will argue with you, bring up non substantiated reports, because they will see you as a threat to their power.
I am not a reporter, a public speaker, politician, nor do I wish to be, I write my opinions, the way it happened and the way I see it. I am no ones victim either, I will never sit and let destructive policies win. Those who divide parents and children by their actions are not exactly doing it for the benefit of mankind....oh no I said mankind....lol...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The society we live in.

Families are the ones who will either make or break our civilisation. The primary security of any civilized society is to make sure families are free to conduct their lives without interference by those who would pride themselves on been the ruling class. A person who gets into politics that really want to make a difference does not consider themselves part of the ruling class, but a servant of the people; after all, politicians are the ones in our society that have the most bosses, the population of said country. The problems, if anyone has noticed, is not the politicians but those under them, the beaurocracy. In the long term in any democracy, we the people blame the ones we elect for the problems we suffer, true, taxes and laws are passed by the elected, and they are responsible, but the ones causing problems and intervening in our lives as if we are all bad and need to be controlled is the beaurocracy, unelected people usually under contract with unions behind them, protecting them at all cost so dues can be collected, or political agendas can be pushed on people.
I have nothing against unions, at one time, we needed them, to get kids out of industries at the turn of the last century, to prevent the abuse by wealthy industrialist on their workers, but their time has now passed. With the advent of the information age, if something like this happens, everybody knows about it and cannot be hidden; laws protect the workers, equal pay for equal work, so on. We have established a good society, we know we have the right to dispute bad decisions affecting our lives, to be informed prevents others with agendas talking for us, and when we ask an intermediary to speak for us, usually it does not end up the way we wanted.
Take social programs for instance, some will hand out money as if its free, others will have a bad day, and refuse the needy, and some will actually be there because they care. However, those who work there, sometimes see people trying to con them, so they evolve at their workplace with cynicism, eventually believing everybody is a bad person, and how does that help the next person who really need the help.
Then we have shelters, an exaggeration and implementations of personal opinions by those who work there. I have been reading in the local left wing newspapers how they always need help, well this might be true, but because of their behaviour, that half the population is born genetically bad, they have alienated that particular half away from their cause, men and the women who love these sons, husbands, fathers, with their venomous attacks on anything male. What man would support an organization that thinks they are bad? These newspapers, this week, emc, record news, always have demands for support for the local shelter, but nowhere does it say in their report on how the majority of sons and fathers and husbands are good providers, protectors, lovers, it is always, “men are all bad”. The people who work at shelters are so used to seeing the bad that they refuse to see or accept the good. Which makes them the major problem when they seek support and they are so entrenched in their views that they do not realize that the fall in support is because of their behaviour. Again, what they fail to realize or accept is that our society is composed of a majority of good and decent folks…but don’t try to tell them that. Welfare and housing fall directly into this same category. The three of these programs do not investigate whether the truth is been said, they decide if on this day, whether they will believe you. And if they do, what about the ones left behind, the accusations, what if, just if, it is not true, this gets around, false accusation of wrong doings, is an attack on a persons character, and if that person is a good one, then resentment sets in. and eventually support diminishes. The fall in support does not only come from men, let’s not forget, where there is a man, there is a woman who loves him, and vice versa.
Then we have the people who are there to protect us, otherwise known as police. With all due respect, some are good and want to help, but others have seen so much of the bad side of society that it is deep inside their character, they lost their faith in the belief that the majority only want peace and a good life. To them their opinions matter above what is written in the law books. Example, my problem with my daughter, brainwashed against her father by the local shelter, they come at our home to pick up her close. I had already talked to an opp officer and an rcmp sergeant that night. I was explained that legally I was only obliged to give one weeks clothes and some toiletry, and both were supportive that as a parent these days it was difficult to raise a teen of 15 years old and that children should not be rewarded for bad behaviour, we had an extensive chat about the way government funded organizations interfered with family life, usually for funding purposes. Nevertheless, here comes the local police to my door and say, they are here to collect all of my daughter’s clothes, I explained that it was just teen rebellion and ask if they could help in any way, to straighten her out. Right away, the threat began, we want all her clothes and we will follow her in your home, you have no choice. I told them that I had already talked to the rcmp and the opp about the issue and was not willing to give my daughter who was on her way to college to the welfare system, that this was my family and they where interfering. If they were accusing me of something then they should charge me otherwise, no abuse of any kind ever took place and no laws supported what they were trying to do…well I got in return, “the opp and the rcmp have no jurisdiction in our town, we do not care what they say”, “if you do not co-operate with us, we have ways to get even, what come around goes around”. It went on for a while and eventually they had to back off, because I was well informed, but if I was not, they would of bypassed the laws and do what they wanted. Some talk to us as if we are teenagers on a corner of a street causing mischief, I am 56 years old I have been through a lot of pain in my life, been treated like this does not help my perception of this particular person and it causes resentment. That is what I mean about, they see so many bad things, they believe and behave as if all the population is in need of control. The help I did get from the locals, was from a rookie police officer a few days later, he was not touched by the long term effect of believing society is compose of bad people…yet. But I did give my daughter “2 weeks” of clothes toiletry and money in the hopes it was just temporary….Two days later I get a call from the same cop, (what comes around goes around), telling me the rcmp are on their way to pick me up for a fine, I should put my house in order and come to the local police station. I called the rcmp, they knew nothing of this…So to this day I ask myself, “what would of happened to me if I would of showed up at the station that morning”. If the rcmp were really coming to get me then they would of come to my door, and if it was “true” then wouldn’t this cop pursued this situation when I did not show up???? To this day, I had to take multiple legal protections to make sure nothing mysterious happened to me. How bad has it become? I lived and raised my daughter for 17 years, no girlfriend, total dedication to her upbringing, while at this shelter I sent a text, saying simply, "daddy loves you and misses you", 20 minutes later, I get a visit from a local cop saying I was harrassing my own daughter...I know my daughter and this came from someone inside the shelter...and why would a cop agree to this type of behaviour towards a parent?
So you see, the way I look at things now is, it is not these programs or police forces that are bad, most are not, but it is the people inside that gives them the bad reputation and those responsible for this is the elected official. Funding the beaurocracy is fine, but there must be not only oversight, but firm action by those we vote for to make sure those who are supposed to serve us, do it within the boundaries of the laws of the land, and if they cannot handle their position then they should be released of their duties….simply throwing money at these programs and hope all works well is inviting corruption, and the fall of our civilisation. If families are to be overruled by this type of beaurocracy, were we take a step back to them, their ways come first, we will have drug abuse, teen pregnancy, street kids, rampant teen crime, street gangs…Oh wait, we already have that. Why listen to your parents, show respect for family values when they offer another way, your family is wrong, here is a welfare check, and if you want a bigger one, have more kids, then they can come on the social programs too…Increase the voting base and provide more jobs for those we never voted for.
Hopefully, you who are reading this, will never experience this, but if you fall in their sites, this is exactly what will transpire, if you let it happen to people around you, you empower them to continue and eventually, if it does come your way, who will help you?