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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Path we take….

It is difficult to choose a path in life; most people follow the road, and just keep going not knowing where it leads. We see things that are not right but we keep going, even though we know we should help, people these days walk the path of life with blinders on, which is those things racehorse wear near their eyes to make sure they go in one direction without obstructions. Is that what we have become?
We do things because we have been so brainwashed into believing that there is nothing we can do to help anymore. Oh, there are some, who do help, but they are becoming a minority, some who want to help, but it is not worth it, and those who just do not care….
This is what I have been debating to myself lately, we use to be such a grand nation, we would help each other and the community stood by each other a long time ago, families were the backbone of our existence, if someone hurt you then others would come to help. We have lots who offers support, words makes one feel good, but actions are always better.
We read and watch the media but what do we see? Nothing other than how bad we are to each other, if you think about it, the majority of people are good people, but a select group make us feel that we are bad people or that everybody is bad out there. God forbid you see a child who wants a candy from a candy machine, you would like to give this kid a quarter to put into the machine to make them happy, but if you do, you will be looked upon as a bad person. We can’t even have right to make a child happy anymore, why? because those who control the media, told us that if we do, we are either perverts or child abductors. Yet, again, most of us are good and decent folks who want nothing other than to be who we know we are. We cannot be that because “they” tell us we are all bad inside. Since when is a few bad apples, the norm for identifying the rest.
For almost 2 years now, I have been at “war”, with the social programs of Lanark county, nancy green of welfare, erin lee todd of the interval house of Carleton place, housing, regional director of welfare one josephine fuller, just to name a few, for alienating my own child against me, destroying a bright future with a welfare check. To me it was always about, “who are you people”, why do you think you can stick your nose into my families affairs. If you do this to me, how many others have your senseless meddling caused heartbreaks? As citizens, we can ask for help from those who represents us, ministry’s, mp’s, mpp’s, senators, media, reporters, editors, you name it, some try to help, but is it because they genuinely feel this is injustice, or is it because they have too…It’s hard to tell nowadays…
One reporter was ready to listen and was supportive; up until I told her, it was the social programs that were attacking my family. It’s as if I could complain if it was the government doing this to me, but the social programs, no one had the right to criticize them. Left wing media…

This is not reporting, this is an imposition of one’s personal opinion on the masses. Control if you will.

For a while I started to doubt myself, I started to think maybe I was a bad person, threats from cops, threats of jail, strange phone calls in the night. I must be a bad person, otherwise why else would they do this right?
Then one day I said “wait a minute”, I have helped people in my life, I raised my daughter on my own, teachers and principals use to tell me how great I was as a father to provide for my daughters every needs, I had friends in the family services who said I was a great father, I volunteered my time and thought school children on native studies, I put my life on the line for the freedom of others. I never looked at all this as if I wanted a medal, just like any other person, I do the right thing, one at a time, because that is what good people do.
This is what makes me feel bad, if they did it to me, then they did it to others, I know how I felt, the heart break, stress, even borderline depression, missing the one I loved so much, all because of “corrupt” people whose power went to their heads and believe they are untouchable, I think of all those who fell the same way I did, the pain caused by others, and the feeling of helplessness, when they ask, “who are these people”? “Why are they doing this?”
In the 50’s these people were called spinsters, they would sit at their windows and cause all kinds of trouble for families and neighbours, now they sit in charge of social programs. Then we have the hippy generation, I lived through it, but somehow some of them adapted their ideals of lets “make a better world” intertwined with big brother, the very thing we were so dead set against at the time, I guess it is true…”power corrupts”. Right now I look back on the 60’s and I realize that the hippy generation was not about free love and get the capitalist pigs out of our lives, it was about lazy bums who did not want to work or live up to human responsibilities.
To make a better world depends solely on helping each other and being aware of the mistake we make and fixing them, not trying to cover them up with senseless threats by abusing ones position.

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