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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lanark county interval house and it's directors hypocrisy

In no way am I attacking the issue of shelters, I do believe they are needed in our society for the protection of victims, whether they be men, women or children. What I have issues with is the way they are run.
I no longer believe that these people who do run it are just in their way of thinking, they promote an agenda at the expense of children. I have many post that exposes what they really do compare to the way the media promotes them as good will people who dedicate themselves to helping those in need.
Case in point, this site which we see erin lee todd, talking about teen alcohol abuse, would seem that it is a good idea, and it would be if only we could believe that what she says is exactly what she means. But it is not, by her action towards my family, especially my daughter proves that they will say anything in order to promote their political agenda..In my opinion, they primary concern is funding at all cost, even at the expense of families.
Here is the hypocrisy of her words, in a line on this site she says and I quote " it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for their neighbours". amongst other things about teen date alcohol abuse and violence.
Yet, when I emailed her, when my daughter was going through teen rebellion, and I "begged" her to prevent my underage daughter from drinking alcohol at a house party, and posting it on facebook, during the time she was at the shelter and been brainwashed against her own father, did she do anything about it? NO, so much for her words of neighbors looking after each other.
Actually, she sent her friend from the opp to my house, said I was harassing her, was threatened with jail, but told by the same cop that my emails were polite and diplomatic, so how can I be harassing anyone with polite and diplomatic emails. I was simply trying to save my daughter from the exact point she is talking about in the site. And since then I recently found out she even had a fake lock down and a red alert, because of the said emails I sent, again begging her not to let my underage daughter drink alcohol while at the shelter....this was only because she expected me to get angry and yell, which would of been easy for her to shove me aside. But this is not what I did, I went to the politicians and since then I have been writing to anyone in power in order to stop this type of agenda, and in order to protect themselves, that is the shelter, welfare and housing, which are all co-operating with this issue, they tried through lies and deceit, to make me look bad, "see this man is violent"....Problem for them is that I am not.
Now my point is this, I believe that people such as erin lee todd director of the shelter and other position she holds in the women's shelter business and nancy green director of the lanark county welfare, are damaging the system in which it is supposed to help, if they did it to me, how many others have they done it to, and how many teenagers who were not ready for the world are now dependent on the system instead of having a good future. This type of behaviour promotes teen pregnancy and drug abuse, why listen to your parents when they can have welfare on demand and housing by simply saying the word "abuse", which my daughter was coached to say by her staff in order to by-pass my wishes when I refused to sign for her to be on welfare.
They wanted a fight, well they have one......its my family and no organization has the right to do what they did and get away with it, this is a democracy not a banana republic were cops threatened you if you try to defend our God given right to safely raise our children in peace without the intrusion of the state and its funded organizations.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Exerpts from "Diary of a single father" Part 1

I had 2 kids from a long ago marriage, these children were the pride of my life, but the state and its social programs, lead by the local shelter put them in housing with their mother. In turn they went from good kids, to been raised in the middle of drugs and prostitution. When I tried to get them back, they simply said I was an angry father who was mad because the mother had custody. I tried so hard to get them away from this type of life, to no avail, everywhere I went and everything i tried, it was always the same, good parents have no rights, bad ones are protected. I went through years of sadness, feeling that I was failing them. They grew up and now they know the truth, but all those missed years, of laughter and giggles as children are gone, visiting was hard because of the surroundings, drugs, alcohol, and other, kept me from enjoying what is to a parent, the greatest time of their lives.

So I got into another relationship, which ended up been just as bad, if not worse. If there is one gift that I can securely admit to it is the choice in women, I seem to attract those who are just no good for me. But that is life, I never complained then, not going to do it now.
So we had a child together, a beautiful baby girl. Born addicted to hard drugs. Again, as a parent I had failed, I tried to prevent the mother doing drugs, even suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen, when I got strucked with a blunt object. In pain, I lasted two weeks, eventually collapsing and ending up at the civic hospital for 2 months. It was so bad, they even put me in ICU for a few days, not knowing if I was going to make it, bad infections....That was the reason the child was born addicted, I was not there.
She was taken at birth by the state, given back to the mother, taken again, given back and taken for the last time. All this time, the state was telling the mother, the father was the problem. Parents are divided and conquered if you will, not by the programs, but by those who run them, the unscrupulous behavior of these people, not only put a baby in danger but decided the male parent was the one they did not like...If they would of looked, investigated, none of this would of happened.
By that time I had figures it would be better for me to go away, with an eye on things from a distance. After all, the state and it's programs like c.a.s. and drug rehabs, surely would make thinks right.
So I went to Alberta, Banff and Canmore, in the middle of the Rockies. I had an offer to start a business with a friend, in drywall and construction. I was making so much money, I had even figured out how much I would get when I got older, from the Canada pension plan, and it would of been comfortable. Been in my late thirties at the time, I thought it was time to look ahead. I would buy a house, maybe even get my children to visit, all was possible. But it was not to be.
It was a year since the birth of my daughter, I had kept in touch, through the c.a.s. of Alberta, which where more pro-family than those in Ontario. And one day, they gave me a letter sent by Ontario, asking for me to sign for crown wardship and eventually adoption of my daughter. I refused, sold everything I had, at a substantially reduced value and went back to Ontario.
Once back, I immediately hired a lawyer with the rest of the money I had, and went about getting custody of my daughter.
The problems I encountered where difficult, a father trying to get custody of his daughter in Ontario c.a.s. is not an easy thing, these organizations are run by left wing feminists, who really believe, men are genetically born violent and must be treated that way. That, is exactly the way I was treated.
Ex;, "what would a man want with a little girl", " look the beauty and the beast" while on visit with my daughter, and my favorite, "fuc#in Indians, the only thing they ever do is collect welfare,get drunk and cause trouble". Just to name a few.
But the visits went fine, everything they would throw at me, I would politely rebuke, "Indians always drink", so I would get urine tests, "the mother did drugs so you must of too", got urine tests for that too, "you can fool urine tests", so I got blood tests. One time they called me and said my daughter was going to a doctors appointment the next morning, but I did not have to be there, if I would not of went, they would of said I do not care, so I went. I hitchhiked from Perth to Ottawa in minus 40 weather, at 5 am in the morning, but I got there on time, saw my daughter brought into the doctors office, and brought back, they did not even let me give her a hug or say hello. Again I did not complain.
Many other thing happened but eventually, one morning two day before the court date for crown wardship, c.a.s. brought her home and said, "well if you want her that bad, here you go". That is how I got my daughter, with only one small bag of clothes, no toys. But it did not matter, she was home.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The shelter of Carleton place Ontario and the games they play ...

Recently, I found out the shelter in Carleton place Ontario, (aka; lanark county interval house) run by erin lee todd, had a red alert, and a lock down for 2 hours, based on a email I sent. Now, this is the problem I have with these corrupt people. When they sent their personal friend to shut me up and try to scare me, one opp employee, I taped the conversation we had at my home, the idle threats of putting me in jail if I emailed this todd person, which were always polite and diplomatic, asking for them to basically stop interfering in my families affair and begging to make sure they stopped my underage daughter from drinking alcohol while at their residence, and in the conversation which I taped, this cop specifically says, and I quote, “your emails where always polite and diplomatic”, now how can they have a lock down and a red alert with polite and diplomatic emails??? I also have on audio, this cop trying her best to convince me that this shelter was not responsible for underage drinking going on at their residence, this is disgusting and untrue, they are responsible legally and morally.
So you see, if families try to fight corruption, which I did, but politically, for example calling M.P’s M.P.P.’s and minister of community and social services, just to name a few, they will use lies and fabrications to make us look bad, so they can say, “see this parent is bad, he is threatening us”, which is totally ridiculous since I have never been to Carleton place and I don’t even know where this shelter is…and I have the audio conversation to prove it, nor do I wish to know were a bunch of spinsters trouble makers, who thrive on the destruction of the family, are.
This puts me in a better position to sue them for libel, and that is exactly what I will do….To put our children on welfare and housing, just because of teen rebellion and to coach them to say lies about parents in order to by-pass parental responsibility, by simply using the word “abuse”, is nothing other than corruption, it’s not the system that’s corrupt, it’s those like todd and her staff who make the social programs look bad. Because we love our kids and welfare is a bad situation for any child to be in, we try to explain, but for people such as these it is about the funding, the more people who passes through their doors the more funding they get from governments….even if it destroys the future of a child and divides families….and that is unacceptable…and it should be for you too…
If by bad luck you as a parent and your child fall in their crosshairs, like I and my daughter did, be assured they will do it to you too, not happening to you is no reason not to get involve after all, isn’t this your tax dollars at work???