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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The only thing he wanted is to see his little girl

In loving memory of Andrew T. Renouf
May he rest In peace
Andrew T. Renouf committed suicide on or about October 17, 1995 because he had 100% of his wages taken by the Family Responsibility Office, an agency of the Government of Ontario, Canada. He asked for assistance for food and shelter from the welfare office and was refused because he had a job, even though all of his wages were taken by the Family Responsibility Office. Andy was a loving father that hadn't seen his daughter in 4 years.
It was Andy's last wish that his story be told to all.
Here is his suicide note...
To Whom It May Concern
Last friday (13-October my bank account was garnisheed. I was left with a total of $00.43 in the bank. At this time I have rent and bill's to pay which would come to somewhere approaching $1500.00 to $1800.00. Since my last pay was also direct deposited on friday I now have no way of supporting myself. I have no money for food or for gas for my car to enable me to work. My employer also tells me that they will only pay me by direct deposit. I therefore no longer have a job, since the money would not reach me. I have tried talking to the Family Support people at 1916 Dundas St. E. their answer was:-" we have a court order." repeated several times. I have tried talking to the welfare people in Markham. Since I earned over $520.00 last month I am not eligible for assistance. I have had no contact with my daughter in approx. 4 year's. I do not even know if she is alive and well. I have tried to keep her informed of my current telephone number but she has never bothered to call. I have no family and no friend's, very little food, no viable job and very poor future prospects. I have therefore decided that there is no further point in continuing my life. It is my intention to drive to a secluded area, near my home, feed the car exhaust into the car, take some sleeping pills and use the remaining gas in the car to end my life. I would have prefered to die with more dignity. It is my last will and testament that this letter be published for all to see and read.
Signed A.T. Renouf

Lesson, if you have kids and are a proud father in a loving family, don't come to Canada. This is what they call justice here....

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