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Monday, March 28, 2011

All men are bad..according to local reporter

Addressing the issue of woman abuse Interval House says stop blaming the victim

Since I have been trying to have an investigation into the local social programs policy of welfare on demand for kids in lanark county, namely Smiths falls Ontario, I have seem multiple posts in local papers defending the local corrupt shelter in Carleton Place Ontario. Notice in these two report above, made by our local feminist, one Sarah Bingham, all men are bad, no mention of women ever doing harm, which is defeating since if one only attacks one side, and refuses to admit these shelters make mistakes and never have to repair them, then it promotes doubt for those who are really in need...And that is the sin in all this, money is taken away from those who need the help by those who refuse to "investigate" when a possible mistake is made, as I have stated in my previous blog... So in response to this attack on good sons, good father, good husbands, good brothers, I sent her an email and a "letter to the editor" Ryland Coyne, to the emc in smiths falls Ontario...I will never see it printed, so I will put it here...
About the “don’t blame the victim” report. You write, “We need to collectively focus on the abuser, his choices and actions.” Notice the emphasis on “his”, from my experience, having suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen at the hand of "a woman", “his and her” should have been in there for this to be an unbiased story. Why don’t you investigate the false accusations against good parents, done by this interval house run by erin lee todd and Ontario works nancy green, or welfare on demand for teens in Lanark county...instead of, men are all bad...Over 92% of men in Ontario are good sons, good fathers and good husbands, but I see nothing in your reports other than we are all bad....twice the social services asked me to put my daughter on welfare, I said it was only a teen moment on her part, what did they do, they simply by-passed me and "invented" that she was abused, logic in this case suggest that if there was abuse, no way would they of asked twice for me to sign in order to put her on welfare.....and while under age at the shelter your defending, she started drinking, been born addicted because of the mother, she is more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic or drug addict than others, when I "begged " for help, the shelters director sent her girlfriend from the opp at my door threatening to put me in jail and saying that they were not responsible....not true as u know, they are legally if not morally responsible to make sure no under age drinking occurs while a person is on their premises...this is not men against women issue, I refuse to play this games, it is the right of the family against campus left wing politics....what this director and her staff do, is make it difficult for people who really need help, instead, by their action they promote doubt...who's fault is it...
This is a family issue and not a chromosome one. The reason I am so upset and fighting back, how many other family have they destroyed, if they did it to me, they are doing it to others…. My issue is they are getting too much funding, cut the funding and they will be forced to investigate in order to save money…or make these people accountable for what they do and say.
One study gave these results;
• Social workers lack adequate training and use flawed investigative techniques (e.g., leading questions). • They seek, often relentlessly, to prove the accusation true rather than objectively seek facts which could reveal that it is or it isn't.
• The accused are not allowed to respond or offer information, or even to know the details of the accusation, while social workers and therapists employed by Social Services supply confidential information to the accuser only.
• Some agencies act as both investigators and therapists, and are eager to validate abuse so they can access government funding for therapy.
• No appeal process or reasonable safeguards for the accused are available.
• False accusers are not held accountable for the harm they inflict on the accused or the child. Many web site, including governments studies say that on average 33% of abuse allegations are false…that’s 33 people out of 100, with kids involved, usually when custody is in process…
Here is another study, family law Toronto, Statistics suggest that approximately 10 to 15 per cent of Canadian women are abused in a relationship. The difficulty with statistics is that some agencies (Namely shelters) multiply the numbers of verified incidents in order to account for under-reporting. An additional difficulty is that the definition of "abuse" has been expanded over the years from the commonly understood concept of physical violence to include emotional abuse and even "neglect." For example, if a partner threatens to commit suicide this is considered emotional abuse and may therefore quite properly come under the heading of domestic abuse, but it is hardly the type of activity most people commonly associate with "abuse."
A Statistical Profile 2000, reported that nationally, eight per cent of women and seven percent of men who had been married or in a common law relationship in the previous five years, experienced some form of violence during that period. And of those 7 and 8%, 33% are “false”. Men’s groups often claim that many incidents of abuse (as reported by women) are false. A study of Canadian family law decisions (conducted by respected Queen’s University professor Nicholas Bala and John Schumann and published in the Canadian Family Law Quarterly in 2000 determined that judges found abuse to have occurred in 23 per cent of those family law cases where an allegation of abuse was made. The study also states that in 35 per cent of those cases there was evidence of abuse but not enough to support a finding that abuse occurred. In addition, in 22.9 per cent of the cases, judges found the allegation of abuse was intentionally false.
Taken in sum, most claims of domestic violence or sexual abuse fall into the category of unfounded.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop women’s groups from manipulating the data to support their particular views of the problem. Rape of any kind especially of children is disgusting, but your little essay was an attack on families, all men are bad, if you want to make a difference,, blind support of a corrupt shelter is defeating…how can you help anyone if you don’t tell the real story…like I said, because your emphasis is on one segment of the population, namely men, you install doubt in peoples mind…and resentment. Feminism as it is now is dead, even the young ladies no longer support this political entity...I.e. Lilith fair, where no one showed up, it had to be cancelled, or the many YouTube posts, where young women are now defending their brothers, and fathers…you are making it a crime to me a man or father or a son or a husband …

THEY PICKED ON THE WRONG PARENT… My kid was on her way to the modeling field, working and an honour student, now I am fighting to undo the damage this shelter did…she talks of drugs, drinks underage, and barely made grade 12 …and is a welfare recipient, all this because they refuse to admit they made a mistake and it was only teenage rebellion.

So, to close, I say this, I and many other families are sick and tired of unaccountable bureaucrats, who destroy families in order to “promote”, their political agenda; welfare, shelters and housing is for people who are in real need, not to prop up a political plan… By the way, research this: Female pedophilia is finally surfacing as a hidden problem. Boys are regularly assaulted by female teachers and care givers. There are many surveys proving that more women assault their spouses than the other way around. Some 65% of women reported that they regularly hit their husbands. Of course, no real man can complain that his wife is assaulting him.
Shelters, especially the one in Carleton place only has to say, “abuse” and no investigation is made, no justice system involved, the accused is guilty without facing his or her accuser, against all democratic rights in the western world…and this countries charter of rights…so don’t ask why there is some questioning out there….this is not caused by the population but by those who promote the word “abuse” without questioning if it is true or not.
Accused without proof. How does this help those who really need it…..when stories like this gets out, it promotes doubt…takes needed money away from those who actually need it…. In closing this shelter does not need more money, it needs to be re-structured.

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