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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The only thing he wanted is to see his little girl

In loving memory of Andrew T. Renouf
May he rest In peace
Andrew T. Renouf committed suicide on or about October 17, 1995 because he had 100% of his wages taken by the Family Responsibility Office, an agency of the Government of Ontario, Canada. He asked for assistance for food and shelter from the welfare office and was refused because he had a job, even though all of his wages were taken by the Family Responsibility Office. Andy was a loving father that hadn't seen his daughter in 4 years.
It was Andy's last wish that his story be told to all.
Here is his suicide note...
To Whom It May Concern
Last friday (13-October my bank account was garnisheed. I was left with a total of $00.43 in the bank. At this time I have rent and bill's to pay which would come to somewhere approaching $1500.00 to $1800.00. Since my last pay was also direct deposited on friday I now have no way of supporting myself. I have no money for food or for gas for my car to enable me to work. My employer also tells me that they will only pay me by direct deposit. I therefore no longer have a job, since the money would not reach me. I have tried talking to the Family Support people at 1916 Dundas St. E. their answer was:-" we have a court order." repeated several times. I have tried talking to the welfare people in Markham. Since I earned over $520.00 last month I am not eligible for assistance. I have had no contact with my daughter in approx. 4 year's. I do not even know if she is alive and well. I have tried to keep her informed of my current telephone number but she has never bothered to call. I have no family and no friend's, very little food, no viable job and very poor future prospects. I have therefore decided that there is no further point in continuing my life. It is my intention to drive to a secluded area, near my home, feed the car exhaust into the car, take some sleeping pills and use the remaining gas in the car to end my life. I would have prefered to die with more dignity. It is my last will and testament that this letter be published for all to see and read.
Signed A.T. Renouf

Lesson, if you have kids and are a proud father in a loving family, don't come to Canada. This is what they call justice here....

Monday, March 28, 2011

All men are bad..according to local reporter

Addressing the issue of woman abuse Interval House says stop blaming the victim

Since I have been trying to have an investigation into the local social programs policy of welfare on demand for kids in lanark county, namely Smiths falls Ontario, I have seem multiple posts in local papers defending the local corrupt shelter in Carleton Place Ontario. Notice in these two report above, made by our local feminist, one Sarah Bingham, all men are bad, no mention of women ever doing harm, which is defeating since if one only attacks one side, and refuses to admit these shelters make mistakes and never have to repair them, then it promotes doubt for those who are really in need...And that is the sin in all this, money is taken away from those who need the help by those who refuse to "investigate" when a possible mistake is made, as I have stated in my previous blog... So in response to this attack on good sons, good father, good husbands, good brothers, I sent her an email and a "letter to the editor" Ryland Coyne, to the emc in smiths falls Ontario...I will never see it printed, so I will put it here...
About the “don’t blame the victim” report. You write, “We need to collectively focus on the abuser, his choices and actions.” Notice the emphasis on “his”, from my experience, having suffered two broken ribs and a ruptured spleen at the hand of "a woman", “his and her” should have been in there for this to be an unbiased story. Why don’t you investigate the false accusations against good parents, done by this interval house run by erin lee todd and Ontario works nancy green, or welfare on demand for teens in Lanark county...instead of, men are all bad...Over 92% of men in Ontario are good sons, good fathers and good husbands, but I see nothing in your reports other than we are all bad....twice the social services asked me to put my daughter on welfare, I said it was only a teen moment on her part, what did they do, they simply by-passed me and "invented" that she was abused, logic in this case suggest that if there was abuse, no way would they of asked twice for me to sign in order to put her on welfare.....and while under age at the shelter your defending, she started drinking, been born addicted because of the mother, she is more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic or drug addict than others, when I "begged " for help, the shelters director sent her girlfriend from the opp at my door threatening to put me in jail and saying that they were not responsible....not true as u know, they are legally if not morally responsible to make sure no under age drinking occurs while a person is on their premises...this is not men against women issue, I refuse to play this games, it is the right of the family against campus left wing politics....what this director and her staff do, is make it difficult for people who really need help, instead, by their action they promote doubt...who's fault is it...
This is a family issue and not a chromosome one. The reason I am so upset and fighting back, how many other family have they destroyed, if they did it to me, they are doing it to others…. My issue is they are getting too much funding, cut the funding and they will be forced to investigate in order to save money…or make these people accountable for what they do and say.
One study gave these results;
• Social workers lack adequate training and use flawed investigative techniques (e.g., leading questions). • They seek, often relentlessly, to prove the accusation true rather than objectively seek facts which could reveal that it is or it isn't.
• The accused are not allowed to respond or offer information, or even to know the details of the accusation, while social workers and therapists employed by Social Services supply confidential information to the accuser only.
• Some agencies act as both investigators and therapists, and are eager to validate abuse so they can access government funding for therapy.
• No appeal process or reasonable safeguards for the accused are available.
• False accusers are not held accountable for the harm they inflict on the accused or the child. Many web site, including governments studies say that on average 33% of abuse allegations are false…that’s 33 people out of 100, with kids involved, usually when custody is in process…
Here is another study, family law Toronto, Statistics suggest that approximately 10 to 15 per cent of Canadian women are abused in a relationship. The difficulty with statistics is that some agencies (Namely shelters) multiply the numbers of verified incidents in order to account for under-reporting. An additional difficulty is that the definition of "abuse" has been expanded over the years from the commonly understood concept of physical violence to include emotional abuse and even "neglect." For example, if a partner threatens to commit suicide this is considered emotional abuse and may therefore quite properly come under the heading of domestic abuse, but it is hardly the type of activity most people commonly associate with "abuse."
A Statistical Profile 2000, reported that nationally, eight per cent of women and seven percent of men who had been married or in a common law relationship in the previous five years, experienced some form of violence during that period. And of those 7 and 8%, 33% are “false”. Men’s groups often claim that many incidents of abuse (as reported by women) are false. A study of Canadian family law decisions (conducted by respected Queen’s University professor Nicholas Bala and John Schumann and published in the Canadian Family Law Quarterly in 2000 determined that judges found abuse to have occurred in 23 per cent of those family law cases where an allegation of abuse was made. The study also states that in 35 per cent of those cases there was evidence of abuse but not enough to support a finding that abuse occurred. In addition, in 22.9 per cent of the cases, judges found the allegation of abuse was intentionally false.
Taken in sum, most claims of domestic violence or sexual abuse fall into the category of unfounded.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop women’s groups from manipulating the data to support their particular views of the problem. Rape of any kind especially of children is disgusting, but your little essay was an attack on families, all men are bad, if you want to make a difference,, blind support of a corrupt shelter is defeating…how can you help anyone if you don’t tell the real story…like I said, because your emphasis is on one segment of the population, namely men, you install doubt in peoples mind…and resentment. Feminism as it is now is dead, even the young ladies no longer support this political entity...I.e. Lilith fair, where no one showed up, it had to be cancelled, or the many YouTube posts, where young women are now defending their brothers, and fathers…you are making it a crime to me a man or father or a son or a husband …

THEY PICKED ON THE WRONG PARENT… My kid was on her way to the modeling field, working and an honour student, now I am fighting to undo the damage this shelter did…she talks of drugs, drinks underage, and barely made grade 12 …and is a welfare recipient, all this because they refuse to admit they made a mistake and it was only teenage rebellion.

So, to close, I say this, I and many other families are sick and tired of unaccountable bureaucrats, who destroy families in order to “promote”, their political agenda; welfare, shelters and housing is for people who are in real need, not to prop up a political plan… By the way, research this: Female pedophilia is finally surfacing as a hidden problem. Boys are regularly assaulted by female teachers and care givers. There are many surveys proving that more women assault their spouses than the other way around. Some 65% of women reported that they regularly hit their husbands. Of course, no real man can complain that his wife is assaulting him.
Shelters, especially the one in Carleton place only has to say, “abuse” and no investigation is made, no justice system involved, the accused is guilty without facing his or her accuser, against all democratic rights in the western world…and this countries charter of rights…so don’t ask why there is some questioning out there….this is not caused by the population but by those who promote the word “abuse” without questioning if it is true or not.
Accused without proof. How does this help those who really need it…..when stories like this gets out, it promotes doubt…takes needed money away from those who actually need it…. In closing this shelter does not need more money, it needs to be re-structured.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The truth about those who believe they represent the feminist movement

What is interesting about this article is how the feminist movement, basted with Marxism ideal felt threatened by S. Palin and women like her who believes women's rights is about walking beside men, not in front trying to grab power and government funding at the cost of equal rights for all...How can equal rights evolve if we go back to "I am better than you, and want more power" policies of the feminazis.

Barbara Kay, National Post · Mar. 9, 2011 | Last Updated: Mar. 9, 2011 4:03 AM ET

This week marks the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, which began amidst the efforts of millions of Western women to work, vote, hold public office and end discrimination. On this occasion, the National Post has asked its contributors to evaluate the state of feminism and women's rights in 2011.

The feminist revolution began as a necessary reform movement, but unfortunately evolved into a Marxism-imbued, revolutionary one. Second-wave feminism's focus soon shifted from women's equal rights (which are limited to those defined by law) to women's interests (which are limitless), as perceived through a victim's lens.

For decades, the people that instruct our children; mould our lawyers, social workers, psychologists and health professionals; train our judiciary; control (and misinform) the domestic-violence industry; shape the views of journalists; and counsel politicians: All have been marinating from early youth in feminist correctness.

The consequence has been a culture that, if not overtly man-hating, is always manblaming -in which, to our collective detriment, the rights of boys and men (especially fathers) are scanted for the sins of a few, and their contributions to the family and society trivialized.

That changed on Sept. 3, 2008, when Sarah Palin accepted her vice-presidential nomination at the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Her speech electrified the nation.

Before 39 million viewers, Palin was the first public figure to openly and successfully ridicule the hitherto untouchable Barack Obama. She also was the first American woman to campaign for high office by paying homage, but no ideological dues, to the Sisterhood. This Alaskan small-town huntin', fishin' God-fearin', abortion-hatin' mom of five showed that a woman can break through any glass ceiling she wants without the imprimatur of the feminist politburo.

Feminists watching Palin's stunning performance knew a stake was being driven through their movement's heart. They went ballistic. Feminist blogger Jessica Grose wrote on her Jezebel web site: "When Palin spoke on Wednesday night, my head almost exploded . What I feel for her privately could be described as violent, nay murderous, rage." Judith Warner wrote in The New York Times that Palin was an "insult to women." Comedian Sandra Bernhard riffed on YouTube: "Turncoat bitch! You whore in your cheap f--king . cheap-ass plastic glasses." Academic Wendy Doniger opined, "Palin's greatest hypocrisy is her pretense that she is a woman."

And who can forget Canada's very own Heather Mallick -then of the CBC, now of the Toronto Star -who watched Palin with "my mouth open, my eyeballs drying out, my hand making shaky notes." From those "shaky notes" emerged a stomach-turning attack on Palin's "pram-face" daughter, Bristol, followed by the advice: "Turn your guns on [Bristol's boyfriend] Levi, ma'am." (And liberals say conservative discourse encourages violence!)

You may love Sarah Palin or you may hate her. You may admire her courage and values, as I do, but hope she does not run for president in 2012. However you feel about her, she has altered our cultural landscape, and inspired a formidable cadre of women entering politics: women whom conservative American cultural critic Kay Hymowitz identifies as "Palinite politicas" and "Mama Grizzlies."

In her winter 2011 City Journal article, "Sarah Palin and the Battle for Feminism," Hymowitz points out that not only are 55% of self-identified Tea Party members are women, but a majority of its national and state co-ordinators are, too. Republican women are entering the House of Representatives and governors' mansions in record numbers. They see themselves as "feminists," in the broad sense. But the Palinite politicas aren't urban, coastal, upscale Ivy league elites like our reigning feminists. They come from the South, the Midwest and the West. Many of them are businesswomen and techies -not academics, journalists and state-funded policymongers. They are less interested in which sex folds more laundry or changes more diapers, and far more consumed by conservative, gender-neutral issues such as freer markets, lowered deficits and reduced government.

Hymowitz calls them Mama Grizzlies because they celebrate, rather than repudiate, their biological natures. Mama Grizzlies see men as different but complementary to women, and therefore as collaborators, not adversaries. Sarah Palin's Down's Syndrome-afflicted child and military-serving son -whom she speaks about proudly at public events -aren't an anomaly in this circle of unapologetically maternal women. Minnesota congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, founder of the House Tea Party caucus, has nurtured 23 foster children over the years.

No wonder feminists mired in the superannuated shibboleths of revolutionary feminism are shocked. As always happens with utopian revolutions, its pendulum, propelled outward by theories and ideology, can only swing so far from human nature's permanent verities, and cause so much social damage, before corrective populist movements force it back to the middle.

Feminists long have militated for more women to go into politics. Of course, as their visceral loathing of Sarah Palin demonstrates, it wasn't "women" they wanted to see running for office, it was feminists: politically correct clones of themselves who would understand that their commitment to women's interests trumps all.

If there is one issue that illustrates the bright line between revolutionary feminism and Palinite feminism, it is abortion. The unfettered right to abortion is an irreducible feminist dogma. It wasn't always the case. The Suffragettes were political pioneers, but social conservatives. Thanks to Sarah Palin, the long political hibernation of socially conservative feminism is over.

One thing we all know is, you don't want to stand between a Mama Grizzly and her babies. And these Mama Grizzlies happen to like babies a lot. The born ones and the unborn ones too. Exciting political times ahead.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A shelters policy, destroy the daughter, because she was raised by her dad, a man

You want to know how bad the feminazies are, I raised my daughter on my own for 17 years, had problems when she got to be a teen, but nothing i couldn't handle, until someone from the shelter, interval house in Carleton place in Ontario Canada, told her she did not have to listen to her father, that I was "abusing her" psychologically by forcing her to go to college, she only had to claim abuse and they would give her welfare and housing, so for a teen in rebellion this was a god send. Long story but when I tried to fight back, saying any constitution of any democracy in the west prevent false accusation against it citizen, they ignored me, when I realized while my daughter was living in this corrupt shelter she started drinking underage, i sent an email to this director, one erin lee todd, she sent another of her girlfriends at my home, an opp cop and threatened me with jail if I sent another email, I was polite and diplomatic by the way in my emails, and when I told this cop, that my daughter was drinking underage and bragging about it on her facebook, she told me the shelter was not responsible and couldn't stop it, not true but u see the corruption and the protection they have gathered.
So they took a young girl who was on her way to college, an honor student, who was even working and had an offer from a modeling agency, and turned her into a welfare recipient...
all because at all cost, she was raised by her dad, and all men are bad to them, to prove their point. they where willing to "destroy" my daughters future. They are trying their hardest to make this a man against women fight, it is not, its parental rights, and a parent can be a man or a woman....
oh and I tried to get help from the minister responsible, I was told by
her office it was illegal for her to help me, when I told this to another MPP, i was told it was not true...and the cop thing, she lied, the shelter is responsible to make sure no underage teen drinks alcohol while at their residence, if not only legally, then surely morally....so u see all this because I was her dad....

Friday, March 18, 2011

Changing times?

Let’s see: if we lie to governments it’s a crime, if governments lies to us, its just politics;

If we criticize a minority, we are racist or homophobes and if a minority criticizes us, it’s freedom of speech;

We are told we are all Canadians, but if you’re a minority, you have special rights;

The government spends millions to rehabilitate criminals and they do almost nothing for the victims;

In public schools you can teach that homosexuality is okay at age six, but you had better not use the word GOD in the process;

You can kill an unborn child, but it’s wrong to execute a mass murderer;

We don’t burn books in Canada, we now rewrite them;

If you protest against left wing policies, you’re a terrorist, but if you burned the Canadian flag or the Prime Minister in effigy, you’re protected by the charter of rights;

You can have pornography on TV or the internet, but you better not put a nativity scene in a public park during Christmas;

We have eliminated all criminals in Canada; they are now called sick people;

We can use a human foetus for medical research, but it’s wrong to use animal.

We take money from those that work hard for it and give it to those who don’t want to work;

We all support the Constitution and Charter of Rights, but only when it supports our political ideology;

We still have freedom of speech, but only if we are being politically correct;

Parenting has been replaced with Ritalin, video games, facebook and the welfare system;

If parents push their children to go to college and guide them towards employment and a productive future, your accused of psychological abuse and the system puts them on welfare;

If you dare to criticize the system, they send the police at your door and accuse you of harassment;

The land of plenty is now the land of handouts.

What has happened to my country I loved so much?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The land that feminism forgot

'Being a mum is more important to me than a job. There is not a culture of nannies here'
They wouldn't dream of working full-time, spend three hours a day drinking coffee and their men pay for everything - have Dutch women found the secret to happiness?
Have you wondered what life would be like if feminism had never happened? If we were all housewives? If we were not required to live on our wits and our adrenaline, and were able to take up a hobby? If men were happy to step up to the mark and look after us?
Am I talking about travelling back in time to see what life was like in the Fifties? No, it is much simpler than that. I am catching a flight to Amsterdam.
A recent report reveals that fewer than ten per cent of Dutch women work full-time, and they face one of the highest wage gaps in Europe. But the surprise is it’s not just mums with young families who work only two or three days a week, or older women who care for elderly relatives: it is child-free women in their 20s and 30s, too.
And, it seems, it makes them incredibly happy. A new book, Dutch Women Don’t Get Depressed, explains that the reason they don’t is because the majority work part-time. They earn less and have less. Many live off their partner. But they don’t care. They want to relax, read a book, see their friends.
Studies show that Dutch women don’t want to spend more time at work: they refuse extended hours at their jobs, even if they don’t have children. And they are horrified by British women’s lack of free time.
I have travelled to Holland to find out why women here don’t want equality, professional fulfilment, independence and autonomy and power and . . . lovely things!
Are they not bored, and worried about having no identity? Where is their ambition?
I meet Maaike Voorhoeve, 30, and we compare notes. I tell her I work 75 hours a week, haven’t had a day off since Christmas, and that to me my job is my identity. When I was features editor on a daily paper, I had lunch away from my desk once in five years
Consequently, I have very few friends, and I’m exhausted. I’ve only seen my mum once this year, and my new boyfriend complains that even out for a romantic dinner, I’m always sending emails. I might have nice things, but I don’t have time to enjoy them.
Maaike tells me about her life. I am soon jealous. She is studying for her Phd in law, has a boyfriend, but no children. I ask how many hours a week she works. ‘Well,’ she says. ‘I am very sensitive to stress, and as soon as I start feeling tense I come to this cafe.’
How many hours a day does she spend here, drinking coffee and talking? ‘Oh, three hours a day. I like to do some form of sport, too. I run three times a week.’
Another woman in the cafe interrupts. She tells me she is 32, childless, and works four hours a week. ‘Dutch women meet friends for lunch, we visit family, we exercise, we work on who we are.
‘We sometimes feel sorry for the men who are stuck in the office all day, but not that often.’ What does she do all day? ‘I garden!’
I’m aghast. These women are obviously intelligent. But, they see enjoying life as more important than having a career. Can we learn something from them?
The Dutch divorce rate is, after all, one of the lowest in Europe, but are couples forced to put up with each other, given the woman’s greater financial dependence?
Yes, of course in Holland there are many women who work full-time, at low-paid, unfulfilling jobs: immigrant workers in the catering trade, for example. It is the middle-class Dutch woman who has chosen to turn her back on the corporate world.
Even Dutch high-fliers don’t see a career as the most important thing in their life. A female newspaper editor was quoted in the Press recently as saying: ‘We look at the world of management — and it is a man’s world — and we think: “Oh, I could do that if I wanted. But I’d rather enjoy my life.” ’
I speak to yet another graduate: Margje van Haeften, 35, teaches children with behavioural problems three days a week. She lives with her boyfriend, who works full-time.

‘I was struggling, working five days. I would do the same thing every day, I was tired, and I had no energy for my social life. I knew I didn’t want to feel like that for my whole life.
‘But then I studied life coaching, and became more self-confident, and decided to cut down my hours. I was nervous telling my boss at first, but he told me not to worry.’
I ask how this affects the dynamic between her and her boyfriend. ‘I do more housework than he does, but I don’t feel I have to always make dinner for him. I have more time for him.’
But does he respect you? Isn’t this set-up a little old-fashioned? ‘No, it’s more modern. Our relationship is better. I take photos, I go to the gym. We can manage financially. I’m much happier.’
The main difference I can find between Dutch women and their British counterparts is that they are much less concerned with material things.
Debby Nobel, the 34-year-old deputy editor of Dutch Grazia, does work five days a week, but tells me that: ‘Dutch women would rather live in a small house, and only eat out occasionally, than work all the time.
‘All my friends say they want to work to live, not live to work. There is no credit card culture here. But men do tend to pay for stuff, and they don’t seem to mind. That is they way they were brought up.’
I ask if she resents the part-timers. ‘On a Friday afternoon, this building is deserted,’ she says. ‘If you are a mum, fine, but if you are a normal girl, why? Not a lot of Dutch women like to be called feminists. They won’t work longer hours. They leave university, and go into a part-time job. They say it’s about self-development, they want to write a book…’
I sympathise. I wouldn’t dream of employing someone whose sole ambition was to sit in a cafe for three hours a day. But Yvonne van Nielen, a 34-year-old with a young son, who works four days a week as a designer on Grazia, disagrees. She believes part-timers work more intensively than full-timers.
‘We pack the work of five days into four. But, yes, being a mum is more important to me than a job. There is not a culture of nannies here.’
I get a cab to the suburbs to meet Lisa Zwaaneveldt, a young mum. Her apartment is immaculate: all polished floors, mid-20th-century furniture, toys stored neatly. It’s all so different from the homes of my super busy friends who are mums.
I once went back for dinner with a female TV newsreader, and when we got to her £3 million home I looked at her hallway, strewn with detritus, and said: ‘Oh my god, you’ve been burgled!’ ‘Nah,’ she said, throwing her coat on a pile. ‘This is normal.’
Lisa is 33, and has an 18-month-old son, Dave. Her husband works full-time as a chef. When I ask what she does for a living, she replies: ‘Full-time housewife,’ without a hint of an apology. ‘I used to work as a PA, and the men expected their wives to stay home,’ she says. ‘There is pressure to be a good wife, to be a good cook, to keep the home nice.’
Would she call herself a feminist? ‘No.’ Do she feel vulnerable? ‘I used to earn a lot of money, so I know I could again. I am training to be a beauty therapist, so I will work one day, just not full-time.’
I’m starting to wonder how men in the Netherlands feel. It turns out they don’t go Dutch at all: they tend to pay for everything.
But then I meet a young man heading home at Schipol train station, arms full of tulips. ‘Do you have a girlfriend?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Does she work full-time?’ ‘Are you kidding? No, it is my job to worship her, to make her happy and fulfilled.’
Maybe the Dutch women have got the right idea, after all.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women speak out

The more I keep tabs on the feminist political movement the more I find sites like these, as a matter of fact I am starting to see more women who fight for women's right than feminism who fight to elevate themselves above men at the expense of those who are honor bound to be men...It seems to be a sin to them if we open a door, pull a seat, or God forbid be single fathers of our daughters, as what happened to me...I do think that some of the ladies do not know that the feminist movement's hierarchy behave is such a destructive manner that they have a policy that all men are born genetically violent. One other thing I have noticed, the feminists seem to thrive on making women who are not on their side as inferior, if you stay home and care for your children while your man is out at work, she is under his control. What if she chooses to be this type of person, according to them, she is inferior?
Do I fight for men's rights, I do not believe so, though some might think that, what I found is without the father's involvement in the family, and I mean as fathers use to behave, protecting the honor of our daughters for instance, amongst other things, we are having more teen pregnancy, they become dependent on the welfare system, their kids become dependent and so on...I live in a small town, rampant welfare, even the city officials believe the economic development of the area depends on attracting more welfare recipients from the adjoining cities, in the spring we have a saying, "look at the children pushing baby's in their strollers".
Here is the behaviour of two men, one has been feminized, and one not, both are across the street, a woman gets mugged for example, the feminized man will pull out his cell phone and called the police, the other will cross the street...Which one will this woman rather have at that point, according to the left wing campus feminist she wants the feminized one? I think not. Isn't that Hypocrisy? We have build a society which depends on cops, if I defend the honor of my family myself, I risk going to jail, if I cross the street to defend this woman who is been mugged, I will get charged with assaulting the ass who just attacked her...So don't ask me why I am confused...
Here is something every woman should understand, we men have been genetically engineered since the beginning of civilization by politicians, for thousands of years to be soldiers, warriors, defenders of our families, we have been cut up with swords, shot at, blown to pieces, but yet we still have the strenght to put it away, to love our women, our children, and to be attentive to their needs, don't we at least deserve to be protected against those who would shove us aside as UN-important, only one group can protect us against those who grade us all the same because of a few bad apples, and that is the ladies themselves...
Inter-dependency is not a dirty word, I depend on the woman's gift, and she depend on mine, together it is called....FAMILY.
The family, man and woman got us from the caves or the garden of Eden, whichever one believes, to this point, we did this together and we did a pretty damn good job, the future depends on us, not one or the other. Oh we can improve, and we will, but not the way left wing campus feminism think it should be done...We can do it...TOGETHER.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feminism, Pt 3 - Manhood Criminalized

well put, ill say it again, its nice to see the young ladies are now taking over the realities of equality and feminism has no place in it...if anyone can repair the damages done by those man haters its the young ladies...go girls...
Notice how many of the young ladies these days who are against feminism, who believe they went to far, I found thousands of sites....the point I am trying to make is this is not man against women, its all of us men and women who are sick of them...

Monday, March 7, 2011

The new vs the old

Its nice to see that the ladies are now starting to realize the damages the feminazis of today are doing...To the family, that's men, women and children.
Feminism’s second-wave hangover

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Rebranding Feminism: in defense of masculinity

I noticed a lot of the young ladies are getting it and realize we are stronger together and feminism divides...GO GIRLS... It makes u stonger.

Parental Alienation - From A Child's Perspective

Its always the children that suffer when feminism is involve, we as parents can work this together, but sometime revenge is a factor and unfortunately, its always the kids that suffer in the end.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Disgusting anti family laws

Noticed in the story, she didn't do it once, but twice, at a four year time frame. No one tell me she didn't know what she was doing, a murderer is a murderer.
But the story behind this is left wing policies intent on destroying the family as we know it, a little at a time, children will not matter, only the rights of the individual adult will...how long will it take for these people who called themselves judges, which they are not, they are political activist, to determine that children are not people until they reach a certain age...
The political left wants one thing as explained in their bible, "the coming insurrection", the destruction of the family as we know it, after all, as parents we teach fiscal responsibility, respect for life, and the pride in a good job...destroy the family, and they will be able to restructure society the way they want it, danger is...we wont let them...

TORONTO — Ontario’s top court ruled Wednesday that infanticide can be used as a legitimate defence for mothers who kill their babies.

The landmark decision is the first time in the country a court has examined the provision of infanticide in the Criminal Code since it was introduced in 1948.

Infanticide occurs when a woman wilfully or by omission kills her baby because she is disturbed as a result of childbirth or lactation.

In a 65-page decision, a three-judge panel agreed that infanticide is both an offence that a woman can be charged with and can also be used as a defence. If convicted, the charge carries a maximum five-year sentence.

The court was asked to examine the issue last September after a 29-year-old woman was found guilty of infanticide for killing two of her babies. She had originally been charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

The woman, who can only be identified as LB, was 17 when she smothered her first baby.

Four years later, she smothered a second son. Autopsies determined that both had died of SIDS — Sudden infant death syndrome. The killings went undetected until LB confessed years later.

The trial judge found there was enough proof that LB suffered post-traumatic stress as a new, young mother.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How fathers view their daughters

Of all the fights I have had with the system, they should understand once and for all how fathers see they daughters...and if they stick their stinking busy body noses between fathers and our daughters, we consider it an act of war...