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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Consequences of Feminism

I think what this person says has great importance in what is expected of fathers, one does not have to be a Christian to understand the message in this video. Its about living up to our responsibilities.

Feminism Was Created To Destabilize Society

Now listen carefully what they say, about family and how to indoctrinate the kids at an early age, where the kids are thought to look at the state as the family not the parents, how gloria steinem now admits that the cia funded ms magazine, one can find this issue on the web, there are plenty.
Now of if would of come across this video a few years ago, it would have got my attention but that's it. The point here is if you read what happened to me, as a parent, this is not men against women, but the value and primary responsibility of the parent in our society, you can see the exact parallels of what he is saying to what happened to me, is it coincidence? Not likely, it is now a fact that someone down the line is trying to destroy the family, or to take away the role of the parent, and if that doesn't scare you, well maybe you will be lucky enough not to get into their cross hairs and all with be fine, but what about your neighbor or other family members who are not so lucky? How long will it take before you are eventually in their path...remember no family, no society.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Domestic Violence- Women are Half the Problem

One of the reasons I am so anti-feminist and all women and men should be is I went through extreme violence, but as a man, I did not depend on the cops to stop it, that would have hurt my pride. When my girlfriend was pregnant, she was doing hard drugs, so as a man, I stuck it out, wanted to see the child born, my opinion has always been that men stand by and feed and protect his pregnant wife, it is the way of things. I have never done drugs and found out too late she was doing it.
During the pregnancy, I saw horrible things, one night she was crying and held a knife to her stomach threatening to kill the child if I didn't get her drugs, which I did not. A few days later, she hit me with a heavy glass ashtray, broke two of my ribs and punctured my spleen. I lasted 2 weeks with the pain, but eventually collapsed. I was in the hospital for 2 months, and the child was born addicted to hard drugs. When I went for custody, feminists, shelters and others said in court, because I was native I am the one who probably furnished her with drugs.
They gave her the child and took her back three times. Then I went for custody after they where trying to get crown wardship, I got the kid after an extensive fight and going through ridiculous accusations...
Now if that was not enough, when my daughter I raised myself for 17 years. met a worker of the local shelter, the mother of a school friend, they told her she could have welfare and housing if she only would say she was abused. Fortunately someone who was there at the time informed me of this. Not all women as you can see agree with feminist tactics. So they put her on welfare, ruined her future, and when I tried to repair the damages they did, I got a visit from one of their friend, a feminist cop threatening me with jail if I tried to contact them again, which I continued anyway, because I am responsible for my child not the state. I believe this at all cost, even at the expense of my own life, just like any parent would do.
So to make a long story short, (which you can read in previous blogs), they took my daughter, a honor student, on her way to college, working, and had a chance at a career at the modeling field, and turned her into a welfare recipient. Why? Because feminist can't accept that her father was a good man...My daughter is not without sin, but if only they would of called, co-operate with the parent, things might of turned out differently.
Do not support insecure feminism, support equality and goodwill for the family, otherwise, the family as we know it will die off and that is the destruction of our society.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feminist Belgium Politician Urges Sex Ban

These videos make an interesting point through humour, but the whole feminist thing is getting ridiculous, on cbc in canada for instance, a strong pro-feminist tv station, we have different shows as of late promoting feminism, one was a couple cooking and eating the afterbirth or placenta, now keep in mind eating body parts is cannibalism, the other was "the end of man", how men are lost because women are in the workplace, and we have the typical reproduction system, where feminist say that they don't need men to reproduce. I only have one question about that one, where will the semen come from, well we do have cloning I guess, and oh ya, sarcastically, "we are the only ones who like sex" right? right?