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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lanark county corruption

Interval house in Perth Ontario, run by erin lee toad, one of her workers, ella, and the welfare worker for Lanark county, one heather jones, coached my daughter to say lies in order to illegally put her on welfare. Some of the atrocities that were said about me were that I broke my daughter’s nose and I use to lock her in the basement. I can’t imagine anyone saying this type of disgusting thing about a parent if one was a cop or politician, but us normal folks, well our children are there to provide them with a source of income, the more people they get through their doors the more funding they get. I sent emails to the lee toad person, explaining in detail, politely and diplomatically, how my daughter suffered from emotional stress and anxiety, and she was younger than her age, what did this corrupt official do? She sent her friend of the Lanark county o. p. p. She threatened to put me in jail for harassment, I am trying to save my own daughters health and maybe even her life, and they abuse they position by threatening a parent. I asked this cop if she had read the email, she said yes, they were very polite, so I asked how she could be here threatening me when the only thing I am doing is explaining the medical and legal situation. When I told her that my underage daughter was drinking alcohol while living at the shelter, she told me they were no responsible. As you know if someone drinks underage at ones residence, they are legally responsible. But in this case corruption takes precedence.
Oh they did call me to make it official, heather jones asked me if I wanted my daughter on welfare, I explained that she was born under difficult circumstances and she was a couple of years behind mentally, but after talking to many organizations about the condition of my daughter, like sick kids hospital in Toronto, the program called O.T.I.S., they told me, mentally she is probably about 12 years old. I explained to Jones that she goes through emotional difficulties and should not be thrown out there on her own, I worked hard to promote her well-being and so far, it was working, and if she would do this, it would destroy any chance she has at a future. Since I refuse to accept them putting her on welfare, they “invented” a story in order to bypass me. Eventually I called the director of Lanark county Ontario works, nancy green. I went to see her, made my case, someone told me I had a right as a parent to dispute what they were doing, told her they were causing irreparable damages, but she ignored me and even after me asking for the conclusion of her investigation, refused to even call me back.
I found out they also gave her housing in Lanark county, tried to talk to the director one connie kinston, but she never returned my calls, so I chatted with one sherryl, she told me, they were forced by law to put my daughter in housing by interval house, I looked into this issue, there is no such law. As a matter of fact, they have to investigate by calling doctors, teachers, schools, so on, which they did not.
That’s not the only corruption I have experienced, some local smiths falls cop, after I started to shake the system, told me to come to the station, r.c.m.p. where coming to get me, I called the r.mc.p. detachment in Kingston and Ottawa, they knew nothing of this, so I called this cop back, he gave me a name after I told him I contacted the r.c.m.p., nervously may I had, he did not expect me to look into it I guess, so I called this r.c.m.p. official in Kingston, he was on sick leave for a month and would not return for another 2 weeks. So, what would have happened to me if I would have showed up at the local station, what was his plan? May I add, I have no plans to commit suicide or fall off a building. I am not going to give his name, because I think this person is the ultimate corrupt official, and very dangerous. But he will be in my book I am writing.
I also called, the media, one specifically, sue reid, she was recommended by people because of her so called family views, she told me her son was giving her a lot of problems, so she sent him to a kibbutz in Israel, and when I told her about the situation with my daughter and a corrupt shelter was the major cause of the problem, she told me I should let my daughter fall to teach her a lesson, so you see, her son is worth her attention but I should let my daughter fall… that is left wing feminist for you, when it comes to their power, it is to be protected at all cost, even if it is at the price of our children.

What I want is if you’re appalled by this, if you understand they could do it to you, that the corruption is not a good thing for the safety of our kids and society, then you must do something, everything I have written, I have proof, documentation and yes even audio tapes. I tried to protect my family, and they used corruption to protect themselves.
Call then, send them emails, I am asking for support, not just for me but also for all families. If they did it to me and others in this area, then they could do it to you.

P.S. this is not men against women, seems to be their defence, it’s a fight for the family, parents are the ultimate protectors and providers for their children, not some funding searching corrupt officials.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry they did this to you, I followed your blog and it shows that you cared for your family and especially your daughter, if we had more fathers and men like you, we wouldnt need these places. As a woman I offer you all my support and wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

I got involve in a shelter once, I was just angry at my bf, by the time they where done, what started as just a small thing about what hapened, ended up been a catastrophy. and all this because the workers embelished the story to make him look worse that he was.These people do not talk for me or represent any women as far as im concerned..

Anonymous said...

I use to work at a shelter, what I saw was troubling, what the previous comment says is true, they have a tendency to embelish the story, and when it comes to men, not one is a good man to then and it was all about the money, they did not try to help, though they made it look that way, their objective was to get more money from the government. As you said in your blog, the more people cross their path the more funding they get....no one get help with those type of policies.
Take a look at this site, and you will see what I mean.

The Native Canadian said...

thank you for ur comments, and the info, I will put it to good use, believe me.