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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Social programs corruption

This is a sequel to the last note I wrote on this site (A father’s fight). As I wrote, my fight was not against the social programs, but those who run it, and the government who dishes out our money to them with no accountability. I do not think that anyone in Ontario wants all programs to disappear; we need these programs to help those who lost their jobs, so they can get back on their feet, the elderly, health care, food programs at school, the disabled, yes even shelters.
For the past year or so, I have fought with the Ontario works, housing, and shelters. I have looked and investigated, and found that what happened to my family is not unique.

In Toronto I spoke with this single mom, her daughter was giving her a hard time, she tried to fight for her child, tried to guide her in the right direction, and she never gave up. How did she loose her daughter, simple, the social programs told her, that her daughter was old enough to make her own decisions. So the young lady left home, got welfare on demand, went out into the world unprepared. She ended up on drugs, and prostitution. Why this happened, because the social programs, gave out money, and refused to work with the parent, and left the unprepared child, alone and on her own.

Remember, the more people go though their doors the more funding they get, opening the door to corruption. It no longer matters to them, who they help, it is not about this anymore, it is about how much funding they can get, and if you dare to question they behaviour and motive, they will come after you, with harassment and threats, as said in my last note.
Who is responsible, well the government is the ones with the money, they are there to serve, but they forgot that, if one complains to the ministry of community and social services, they will push you aside. If you try to get an answer, they ask, “Who do you think you are”. If a government does not investigate these kinds of corruptions, then they are also part of the problem.
If the left in this country continues to add more and more programs, and let these type of situation fly by, without accountability, then, where will their precious social programs be if the government goes bankrupt? How much income tax can they collect from a working person versus someone on welfare?
Here is what I recommend to those who vote blind, if you keep on installing left wing political parties, and they keep on spending, eventually you are defeating your own political ideals. If the government goes bankrupt, there will be no social programs. I would recommend a vote for a government in the next election who will save the programs we have, accountability and fiscal restraint would keep these needed programs going. If the left cares about the elderly, the disabled, even the single parent, then they better take a hard look at what they are doing, but from my experience, in this “give me” society, not many care, about anything but “please, give me more”.
Remember, funding without accountability, is inviting corruption. Again how many other people have they done this to, how much as it cost the tax payer, and what is yet to come by their action in the next generation?
With all due respect, there are good social workers who have realised what is going on, and do good work, but eventually become disillusioned, or adapt themselves to their surroundings.


Anonymous said...

How I can download documents from WikiLeaks?
Hih you hear me??

The Native Canadian said...

ooookkk, highlite the text, right click, copy, then paste anywhere u want?

Chris J. Slater said...

As a Canadian, I'm ashamed of how WE and our country have treated the Chinese Labourers head tax, turned away a boatload of East Indians, dispossed the First Nations, then stole the children for "Residential Schools", put the Japanese into internment camps, but now worst of all are STEALING children to provide employment for the Privatizing Politicians, Courts and Corporatios who are responsible to no one! Who ever said "sorry" or made restitution to the PARENTS for what is being done to us!? I love all 5 of my children, it's the last 3 who have been STOLEN and I'M mad as Hell and pray, if they don't sooner repent and make it right, that's where these people spend eternity.