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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mad world, Mad logic.

It is a mad world because of so many countries has the capability to destroy Mother Earth. Why so many would even think that, their security depends on the idea that destroying the Earth is a way to be safe, seem to be a mad situation to me. In addition, if this is not enough, they added chemical and biological weapons, which can do things to people so horrible, the worse horror movie would be a child cartoon compare to that reality.
I remember in the 70’s, the famous saying, “better be dead than red”. Where that came from I do not think anyone knows. Probably some propaganda devise by Nixon, (sarcasm). I use to think, ya but if your dead, what colour would be your family, children, wife, mother, father, grandparents. Everyone you leave behind will become red would they not? Life is always better than death.
Now let’s look at it from a native perspective. We survived the wars imposed on us, fought the residential school, we resisted the impositions of change to our history, and we where told our spirituality was devil worshiping, without anyone trying to understand or even look at what it was. Nations where eliminated from existence, millions where killed, by what would be considered inhuman war crimes by today’s standard. Unlike what history books and john wayne says, scalping did not come from us. It came from some governor who decided to offer a reward for every native killed in the north east, bodies where too heavy, so they went to heads, then decided that since native hair was so unique, that would be fine, and those killers could collect their $25 reward for every scalp.
In the Iroquois confederacy for instance, we had a social system, where people without providers, could collect food and necessities. Our constitution guaranteed the place of equality to women and the elders, and promised the freedom of religion. All this before the u.s. constitution was even thought of. And may I add adopted from ours, and let’s not forget the American emblem, that famous eagle is a copy of the one from the confederacy.
We never said, “Better be dead than white”, they tried to force us to be European but we never gave up. We believed in the peace given to us by the Great Peacemaker; (he was a prophet who counseled peace among the tribes, along with Hiawatha, the traditional founder of the Iroquois Confederacy, a political and cultural union of several tribes residing in the present day state of New York, Ontario, Qu├ębec, Pennsylvania and Ohio). How did we win, well we are still here, even after the atrocities suffered. If we did not believe in peace, like history tries so hard to contradict, would the first Europeans ever have landed or survived.

Where does the mad logic fit in? Well, we have heard that North Korea has tested another more powerful atomic bomb, and the world tries to tell them they cannot do this. And who is telling them this, those who have said weapons. How can one take the high road to sanity, when one is not sane?
You see, history has not changed one bit, when one side considers themselves better than the other, just as they did to us. The world will be a better place when those who call themselves leaders, no longer threaten the very existence of the creation of the Great Spirit, and look to live in peace, with all of Mother Earth’s children. Change we can believe in starts with those who say it. Living by example is always better than imposing ones will on another, without following your own rules. Why can’t they have what you have? No matter how mad it sounds. If one lives in peace without threats, and respect of life, then others will not feel threatened and follow suite, will they not?

And they called us savages.

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