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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Climate change

We have seen out west, freezing temperature and snowstorms, in the month of May. In addition, an expedition of scientists tried to go north to study climate change. They tried to measure the ice but could not accomplish this with the equipment they had, the ice was too thick. When they tried to reach the North Pole, they had to be “rescued” by air, the temperature went south, to below -40 c. (Ironic). One would have to say, so much for their understanding of climate change. They have no idea what they are saying or doing.

My point in this, climate change cannot be studied or understood by a simple wave of technology. We have those who push this issue for political reasons, and those who rely too much on their equipments. Climate change has come and gone, Mother Earth has changed with it. The worse thing we can do is look to politicians for answers; some do it for the flavour of the day or for financial reasons. With all do respect, not all are like this but those who try to give a reasonable opinion on the issue are usually pushed aside or ridiculed by those who look at this for advancement.

Everything that has life has a spirit, whether it is animal, plants, people, insect, so on. The first thing to understand about climate change is that Mother Earth has life and a Spirit, and that if we believe she is our property, then we understand nothing. If on the other hand, we accept that we are her children and that she cares for us, then we are taking steps towards reality. If we treat her with respect, not let garbage into the air, on lands, rip forests apart, pollute her rivers, “make wars”, then Mother earth will care for her children. I do not profess to understand everything about the issue, but if someone would do to my house what we do to her, then I would kick him or her out in order to stay healthy.

It is sad to see what is happening, some talk about cleaning the air, but pollute by adding industries in other parts. Others will complain that their economy would suffer too much if they adapt to the changing times, what good is an economy, if there are no more people. Some have passed laws and are been hailed has heroes for it, cars will go further on a litter of gas. However, how many know that the same company create cars for sale in other countries that would never be sold in ours. The emissions of these cars are so horrible that they would not even be accepted in the 80’s, let alone today. So if politicians pass laws, which are applauded here but pollute in other parts of the world, that is called flavour of the day, vote getting, and on…It makes no difference, we have to do it all at once or not at all.

The climate on earth will change, it is inevitable, and it is how we adapt to it that will dictate if we will continue or go towards so many that have gone extinct. If we continue our destructive ways, then we are on the last leg of our civilization. The main problem of climate change is greed, money, profits. Things will not change unless we change. And I have a suspicion that profit will win in the end. To make the necessary sacrifices to create a better world for future generations, we have to take what is ours, and stop depending on the words of those who see profit, before the good of the whole.

What would I do? (If I was a politician, which I am not and nor do I wish to be) First, I would stop trying to make more and more laws, for with every law there is a loophole. A moral understanding is always better than more controlling regulations; people react better to the respect of their intelligence, than laws who forces then to behave a certain way. I would offer the people the reverence they deserve, the understanding that they are as intelligent as I am. I would make the argument that “it is time”. Such a person could make a big difference. It is our choice to make things better or to make it worse; we have the capability to change things for the better.

If politicians would treat people has equals instead of tax paying object that can be manipulated, then people would do what needs to be done. It is the hypocrisy of those who speak but do the opposite in their private lives. Why should one follow those who do not live what they speak? I might not be explaining it in details but you get the general idea. The ruling class, as they like to be known as, are no longer representative of the general public. They are identified as a self-serving group, the self-preservation of ones power, which is why no one takes anything they say, seriously.

In closing;
Those who depend on others, accomplish nothing.
The circle of life will continue, with or without us.

Only when the last tree has been cut down,
Only when the last river has been poisoned,
Only when the last fish has been caught,
Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.
Cree prophecy.


The Mound of Sound said...

I'm sorry, but that's a load of nonsense. What you need to do, badly need to do, is take some time - four or five days should be enough - and read and learn. There's a big difference between traditional wisdom and wilful ignorance.

The Native Canadian said...

Sorry, your problem is you believe we should all think like you...you had you chance and look what you did with it. Depending on those who caused the mess in the first place is like the oil companies taking over the environment issue, just does not make sense.
You can try to courteously insult my opinions but you can no longer do it, we listen to you and look where it got us. We can fix the mess you made, only if you take the time to believe that their might be another way.
Wilful ignorance my friend is the one who refuse to listen to people with a different view on things.
We see mother earth as a partner first, someone who nurtures, not a thing which can be used as a profiteering object.
Instead of playing with words, why did you not write your ideas, or what you did not agree with?
Nevertheless, thank you for your "opinions".