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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A childs heart

Take away the TV, the console and the DVD
And give a child a stick to play in the mud,
To strike the waters edge
And you have given then joy.
Show them the prints of animals,
Make them listen to the sounds of the forest
And you have given them curiosity.
Help them to climb the first branch of a tree
And you have given them vision for the future.
Show them things other than commercialism,
Sign them songs, tell them stories,
Teach gentleness with small animals and other children
And you have given life filled with love and kindness.
The best part of sharing time with a child
Is they give back so much,
Bright eyes and question with no end,
Laughter at nothing and everything,
It will be time well spent and remembered.
And confidently in later years,
They will recall whom it was spent with.

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